Cable merging due to user errors in input –

Cable merging due to user errors in input –

nvidia An internal investigation is underway cable fusion Power supply from Nvidia RTX 4090 However, he pointed out, in the meantime, that the detected accidents would be due to User errors in inserting plugswhich are not pushed all the way into their respective sockets would cause an overheating problem.

As we have seen, within a short time of Nvidia releasing its new high-end GPU, reports surfaced in various parts of the world of the power cables connected to these cards melting, despite the fact that they were still original hardware.

Nvidia RTX 4090: In the image above, the cable is not fully inserted, in the cable under the right entry

In response to these reports, Nvidia has launched an investigation to understand how these incidents occurred and possibly how to proceed with compensation or repairs.

Given the first conclusions that the company seems to have reached, no compensation may be offered, hoping that the standard guarantee will at least intervene. According to Nvidia, incorrect or partial insertion of the connector may be the most common cause of overheating and melting of cables, also stating that the confirmed cases of this incident, so far, will be only about 50.

Nvidia RTX 4090 uses the new version 12VHPWR connector, an unprecedented standard that most computer power supplies do not explicitly support. To ensure support, the card comes with an adapter called a “power dongle”, and this may be one of the most important items.

On the other hand, the same conclusion was also reached by GamersNexus’ independent investigation, which found that at least one of the fused cables brought to media attention had marks on the connector indicating an incorrect input, indicating how partial the insertion could cause. in high temperature.

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The same site also states that the power plug lock switch does not click or make a noticeable noise, which could easily lead to a fault which is definitely something that should not happen with Graphics card of nearly 2,000 euros. At this point, we await the end of the investigation and final conclusions from Nvidia, barring further legal ramifications on this matter.

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