Go to FCIN1908: “Inter, this is the future with Oaktree. Marotta is complete…”

Go to FCIN1908: “Inter, this is the future with Oaktree. Marotta is complete…”

Speaking on the FcInter1908.it channel on Twitch, the journalist talked about what the first moves of the Californian giant will be like.

Eight years later, Inter no longer resemble Suning; Oak tree The new owner of the Nerazzurri club. Franco spoke on the FcInter1908.it channel on Twitch take a shower Talk about what the first moves will be for the California giant. “Inter will be very similar to what it is now, the board will change dramatically and it will be very Italian. Marotta will be a leading figure and completely dominate the market. There is complete confidence in the Italian administration, and I imagine that Oaktree will respect the management’s choices. The renovations will try to happen quickly because no one wants to lose players to zero, and that is the legacy. On the market, they are lucky to have a management that has been used to creating a balanced market for years, something that did not happen to the foreign owners who bought the teams from Moratti and Berlusconi. The only real doubt is who will be chosen as president“.

“In Milan, they made a smart choice by appointing a president with a purpose, a president who will take care of the stadium. The corporate area? They will appoint someone to take care of the accounts, but as far as I know there he is also a person in the corporate area, and he is very trusted by the new owner.” , I expect the senior management figures to remain and what I am sure of is that the shareholders’ appreciation for the management is not just about the market three but it is about the complexity of the work, I think they will appoint people specifically, Oaktree will look at the comfort and value of the club, and they will identify a central figure on the field.

“When Oaktree wrote, ‘We have a medium-term vision,’ it does not mean we will stay forever, but it does mean that we will resolve the open issues before leaving. It is very unlikely that Oaktree will leave before giving a clear direction on the stadium issue, which could be a restructuring or “Doing this at Rosano now Inter and Milan speak the same language and this could be a real advantage for the stadium issue. The bonds are listed in Luxembourg, so anyone can know about them. There are commitments to transparency that will make the market, the stadium, the most strategic option.”

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