How could Israel need US military “guidance”?

How could Israel need US military “guidance”?

It is alarming and alarming that Israel is receiving “advice” from the United States on how to conduct operations against Hamas in Gaza. Who better than the Israeli army knows the situation on the ground? What more could the soldiers sent by Washington to “help” know?

The Pentagon’s dispatch of General Glenn to Israel, and the numerous other suggestions and warnings leaked to the press by the White House and National Security Council, are not normal administration events. It represents one of the many anomalies in this war, which occurred from the beginning with the surprise attack by Hamas The prestige of intelligence has been eroded and the Israeli Armed Forces.

to’alliance There is one between Washington and Tel Aviv Geopolitical constant Since 1947 (establishment of the State of Israel) e Especially since 1967 (Six Day War) onwards. It is normal for allies to exchange information and advice; Even more so if one of them is under permanent siege and the other has historically exercised strategic influence in the Middle East. Help should not be understood as one-way: When America was To suffer a tragic defeatSeptember 11, 2001, American intelligence was keen to obtain information and assistance from the Israeli Mossad.

But in normal times, mutual aid and consultations are carried out secretly and discreetly. But today we are witnessing aThe Biden administration is reviewing its alternative role in the media around the worldalmost recklessly insulting For the ally. He is sending a general whose explicit mission is to “explain” to his fellow Israelis all the unknowns of urban warfare in Gaza, and to draw out the lessons that the Americans learned in Iraq. As if the Israeli army did not study them…

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American media abound Leaks inspired by the White House or the PentagonOn the risk that the Israeli military response will be “emotional, retaliatory, and lack a long-term strategy.” Many American experts with ties to the current administration wonder aloud whether the Tel Aviv government and armed forces have a plan contemplating the second, third and fourth chapters of this story after the initial offensive against Hamas. They question themselves Whether all the strategic ramifications of a possible expansion of the front to Hezbollah in Lebanon, or to Iran are taken into account. They worry that Israel is not incorporating into its strategy the need to form a front of semi-friendly Arab states, ranging from Saudi Arabia to the UAE to Qatar, including of course Egypt and Jordan. All this does not happen in a closed discussion Between Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken, and the war government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, but in a way General prior process About what Israel will do.

It is not a normal condition. The anomaly that has characterized the relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv in recent days is not diminished even by invoking a comparison with Israel. The early stages of the war in Ukraine. Yes, the similarities are clear, Very strong. Even in February 2022, Ukraine was initially surprised by Putin’s aggressiveness, and in this case it was Guilty of not heeding warnings From American and British intelligence that expected this invasion. From that moment on, the early stages of the Russian offensive were marked by America’s deep distrust of Kiev, and especially of Zelensky. Zelensky, like Netanyahu, also inherited a bad relationship with Biden. The Pentagon had serious doubts about the Ukrainian army’s ability to hold out. This initial phase was overcome thanks to the behavior of Zelensky and his soldiers. But the parallel stops here: the reputation of the Israeli army and Israeli intelligence certainly cannot be compared with that of the Ukrainians; Moreover, the relationship between the United States and Israel is much older and deeper.

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Today, one Israel serves The loss of credibility is linked, first and foremost, to Netanyahu. There are many mistakes he is accused of, and he did nothing to respond to the criticism that came from the American Democrats: on the contrary, Since the era of Barack Obama, he has acted as if the Republican Party is the only one that exists in the United States. His preferential axis with Donald Trump is one of these axes stain Which adds to many others.

As for central Intelligence Agency et al Pentagonthey wonder if Efficiency proverb From intelligence and the army The Israelis were not affected In a very serious way From the tearing apart of civil society raised by Netanyahu.

Finally, the White House It also expressed concern about the fate of the American hostages And he wants it Keep some lines of communication active With Hamas (especially through Qatar) to liberate them. More than anything else, in the “underestimation” shown by many Washington-led news leakshighlights acute awareness of global risks.

The Biden team takes seriously the risks to which A The anti-Western axis consisting of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, there may be more conflicts in store. The White House believes that Israel and Saudi Arabia thaw The enormous potential to calm the Middle East can still be saved if the counterattack in Gaza remains within the limits acceptable to the moderate Arab leadership.

As shown by the unprecedented story of Hamas fake news about the bombed Palestinian hospital (against which there were no antibodies even in the West), the Arab arenas are Ready to ignite on command, conditioning those leaders who want to think and act with a calm head. The Biden administration fears unity. Notice how the Palestinian issue brings the Global South closer than before to the sphere of influence of China, Russia, and Iran. He points out that in the case of Ukraine he managed to organize a fairly coherent and coherent response from the Europeans, whereas In the Middle East, Europe is not important. Watch the increase in Chinese provocations in Asia (The latest one is against the Philippines) as an alarming sign of the third front that could be opening.

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