Giorgia Soleri, A Nightmare Evening: Hospitalization and …

Giorgia Soleri, A Nightmare Evening: Hospitalization and …

An Evening to Forget Yesterday by Georgia Soleri, Milanese model and influencer girlfriend Damiano De Maneskin, known on the internet for her battle against endometriosis. In fact, through a photo posted on Instagram, Giorgia Soleri revealed that she was taken to the hospital: but what happened and how is she now?

Saturday evening from nightmare for Georgia Solerithe model and influencer from Milan, fiancee with Damiano Davidlead singer Manskin. In addition to his love story with one of the most famous singers of this period, Georgia Soleri Known, on the web and beyond, for his battle against Endometrial , Pathology who had a diagnosed just in 2021, After 11 years of pain and discomfort.

From his experience, Georgia Soleri He tries to raise awareness about this issue, trying to avoid others Women They have to wait years and years before getting one diagnose It can relieve this pain. After the surgery she underwent, Georgia Soleri was again in the hospital , but why? The post on Instagram leaves no room for doubt …

Giorgia Soleri in hospital: How is she?

Georgia SoleriIn fact, he posted a photo straight from the hospital. In the photo published in Stories Instagram You only see one drip Attacked, a sign that the influencer was in the hospital. But what happened? there fiancee From Damiano David He didn’t want to give more details about why he was moved in the hospital, Maybe because he’s still trying what happened.

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Even without much explanation, Georgia Soleri He still wants to reassure everyone. Although it was a memorable evening, given what had happened, influencer admit that there is no Worry on his health. In fact, it seems that from the first moments in the hospital his condition improved: “crazy saturday night… (I am ready better, do not worry)”.

Needless to say, she was great on social media despite her words Worry For his health: soon Georgia Soleri Will you explain what happened?

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