So he has no TV shows left

So he has no TV shows left

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Anzio’s hairstylist to miss next fall’s TV schedule? Latest Rumors Shade GF Vip 7

Federico Fashion Style She is one of the TV personalities that appeared in the recent period. Hairstylist from Anzio, who made his television debut with Il Salone Delle Meraviglie in real time, has made himself known to the general public by participating in Dancing With The Stars 16 it’s Bubba and Nerdy Show as a columnist. Apparently him TV career It will be at a fixed point. According to the latest rumors, the hairstylist will not be participating in Big Brother Vip 7 Next fall is as expected and won’t come back again Television Not even with his second season beauty bus on Discovery+.

Federico Fashion Style will move away from the small screen For some time? It seems so. according to gossip people For the 32-year-old, the TV doors suddenly closed. “He’s been one foot in the house but according to recent rumors, his hairstylist will soon find himself without a broadcast.” Jawahery’s website reads today, June 9, 2022, from the portal.

Apparently then, as some rumors speculated, Federico He was very close to becoming A competitor to the Big Brother Vip 7. Something, however, could have gone wrong. It is not clear if the negotiations ended and why. Obviously, you have to take everything with caution because at the moment there is no official news about him but only Rumors. The interested party itself has not yet confirmed or denied it gossip.

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gossip people Also doubts the presence in TV schedule The second season of beauty bus travel program Federico Fashion Style which debuted in 2021. Again, nothing is certain.

It remains to be seen why Federico Fashion Style He will go from “parsley” on TV to the great absentee. Perhaps, as many speculate, his excessive exposure on television, which happened in one fell swoop, was not particularly appreciated by the audience and broadcasters? Since the appearance of Il Salone delle Meraviglie, the 32-year-old has often been a guest on Barbara Dorso In the living room at Live is not a dorso. Then Barbarella wanted him to do La Pupa and Nerdy Show as a columnist.

So it seems that the name Federico Fashion Style It can be permanently deleted from the list Eligible candidates for Big Brother Vip 7. For now, top stays at Cinecittà House next fall are Antonino Spinalbes, Giliola Cinquetti, Patricia Groppelli, Asia Giannis and Max Felicitas.

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