Gigi D’Alessio, Hospitalization before the concert: The sad truth emerges – Democrat

Gigi D’Alessio, Hospitalization before the concert: The sad truth emerges – Democrat

Gigi D’Alessio is the victim of an unexpected accident that forced him to be hospitalized in an emergency. The truth of the singer’s words

past time, Gigi D’Alessio was the protagonist of It happened Which led to it in the hospital and advertising Concert canceled. An unexpected news that made his fans very worried. Something that upset everyone, according to him it was the Neapolitan singer in the hospital Cardarelli from Naples.

Even this hospital treatment cost himcancel the party from new years. During that very moment, when the singer’s most ardent fans were looking forward to seeing him perform on stage, they rehearsed for minutes of terrified.

Everything we tell you is as I mentioned before vesicularrevealed that D’Alessio was accident victim of a certain weight. Within a few minutes, this news was published on the web, and of course it also reached the eyes directly interested.

The truth about Gigi Di Alessio’s hospitalization, the singer gets involved

Gigi Di Alessio Healing The Truth

Gigi D’Alessio is in hospital at Cardarelli Hospital in Naples due to food poisoning, and has canceled his New Year’s concert at Piazza Plebiscito. […] Gigi D’Alessio was taken by ambulance to Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, where he was taken to hospital with a serious stomach problem. In compliance with the rules of privacy, no accurate news has arrived from the hospital, but according to some rumors, it seems that the illness that afflicted Gigi Di Alessio was caused by a serious food intolerance, to the point of inducing the patient into anaphylactic shock by the Neapolitan singer. A few days before the expected New Year’s Eve in Piazza del Plebiscito, in which Gigi de Alessio could have participated as the main hero, the event was canceled “.

As you can imagine, this alerted everyone. It was 2014, and the Napoleonic singer didn’t waste any time denied all Through a post on his Facebook channel. “Thank God I don’t have any health issues, it’s just bad taste jokes. I look forward to seeing you on the 31st at Piazza del Plebiscito”. These are the words Gigi Di Alessio decided for himself Debunk this trick.

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The The site that was published This news is also known specifically spread fake news. In short, among the many celebrities in the entertainment world too Gigi D’Alessio been targeted by False chatter. In short, it is legitimate to know that no one is really immune from it.

Gigi Di Alessio Healing The Truth

But fortunately, the Neapolitan singer has one perfect health. He never had to cancel a party because of a premise Hospital treatment.

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