Gianni Sperti as Julia de Lillis? recognition over the centuries

Gianni Sperti as Julia de Lillis?  recognition over the centuries

Gianni Sperti, the historical face of dating show Maria de Filippi, spoke of Horns in These Hours as he provided a quote that seems to refer to Julia de Lillis’ book, “Hooters look good in everything. But I’d be better off without it.” What will happen in the life of a popular columnist?

Gianni Sperti He made himself known to the public more than 20 years ago, when he became the lead dancer on one of the great Sundays. The man, who also boasts of some roles in cinema, was also a part of dance troupe Do you know the latest? VIP, Stars on the Water, The Big Bluff and other programs; He is also colluding in some personal events, however, that soon happened He gave up a career in dancing Become a columnist, like me Lovers of men and women They know very well!

Always sitting next to my colleague and friend Tina Cibulari Gianni dispenses precious advice to the ladies, knights, tronies, and suitors, but oftentimes he finds himself in conflict with each other. A character from the dating show.

Even if he loves stay away From the world of gossip and above all, keep his life private, However, Gianni usually cares a lot In contact with his fans, Which he updates every day through The profile is very much followed.

right the account, In fact, he posted something that immediately made him come closer Julia de Lillis…

Gianni Sperti: recognition on social media?

Gianni Sperti as Julia de Lillis?  recognition over the centuries

Gianni Sperti She is very popular on social networks, and in fact, today she is proud of million followers on instagram. Just giving his fans pictures of the animals, in these hours, the guy got us thinking about a famous former face of the show: Julia de Lillis.

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As a comment in the video depicting a bull with very long horns, bent on striding through the trees, Gianni wrote: “You have to know how to wear it.”

Pointing to the animal’s horns immediately made us think, as was said earlier, in the former Andrea Damante and his book “The horns look good in everything. But I would have been better off without them!”, which was accused by the influencer Veronese Dejay After he betrayed her several times.

This even Gianni deals with The same problem?

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