Angelica Liddell, condemned by French theatre critic for insults

Angelica Liddell, condemned by French theatre critic for insults

BarcelonaFrench theater critic Stephane Capron denounced the public insults directed at playwright Angelica Liddell, following a scene in her latest work. Damon. Bergman’s Funeral,The show opened this year’s edition of the Avignon Festival, considered the most important theatrical event in Europe. On Saturday night, the day of the premiere, the artist devoted part of the show to exonerating theater critics, a figure whom Figuerena discredited, just as Swedish director Ingmar Bergman did. At one point in the play, Liddell refers to the critic as a “rascal” and a “dirty.” As a result of these insults, Capron, who works for the public radio station France Inter, is also the founder of the outlet specializing in performing arts CINwebShe decided to take legal action against the artist.

The festival distances itself from these comments, and confirms that the artist bears responsibility for modifying the content of the show. This is what the newspaper explained on Sunday launchCapron also asked for the insults to be withdrawn for the rest of the festival. Liddell returns to the stage on Monday and will do so every day this week through Friday.

In a talk open to the public, Liddell reasserted himself against the critics. In this meeting, the artist confirmed that he would like to “hit” some critics, according to Effie. Despite everything, she also said that she always backs down because she doesn’t want to be reported for injuries. Now he will have to face a complaint for defamation. It remains to be seen whether Liddell will continue to put his finger on Stefan Capron and repeat the insults he directed at him on Saturday night. The show will be presented in Barcelona, ​​at the Teatre Lliure, on July 19, 20 and 21 as part of the Greek Festival, and everything indicates that Liddell will change the names of the French critics to Catalan and Spanish critics.

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