Gianmaria Antinolfi “A mouse jumped on me!” / “Then he started walking around GF VIP’s house and..”

A small mouse broke into a house Big Brother VIP In the last few hours, scary Janmaria Antinolfi. The gentle businessman, in a joyful conversation Giacomo Ortis and Sully SorgeHe recounted what happened a few hours before that while entering the confession center. “I was going to the recognition center and at some point he jumped on me. I jumped back and he started walking around the house,” explained competitor Givino amused, imitating the flight of a mouse.

Giacomo Ortis is still terrified, clearly shivering at the thought of a close encounter with an unwanted guest. Meanwhile, on social media, digs and jokes are exploding from netizens, indicating poor hygiene inside the Big Brother VIP house.

Gianmaria Antinolfi narrates a close encounter with the Mouse in the Confession Center

Story of the Janmaria Antinolfi He also impressed the Big Brother VIP audience. As we said, many netizens did not find the episode very funny, but on the contrary focused on the sanitary conditions of the house. Furthermore, some users mentioned that similar episodes occurred in previous versions. And there are also those who dare, between one comment and another, that a close encounter with the Mouse is a kind of omen for the thousandth entry of a new competitor. This hypothesis is unlikely to come true, given that at the moment the turning point in the program has largely been bypassed and the cast has already been significantly replenished after saying goodbye to some competitors due to the Christmas holidays.

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