Nominations for the thirty-ninth episode – VIP Big Brother

Nominations for the thirty-ninth episode – VIP Big Brother

The nominations begin, and tonight it will be the way Vipponi has to go, in the first leg of the evening it will be the series to the rescue.

Oriana Marzolias the first finalist, has a very important task and will have to choose, by drawing a card from the table, the first person of interest who will start the nomination sequence.

Beautiful Venezuelan, she draws a random name Tavasi who starts the series by saving his better half Mikul Whoever took the word decides to save Yael For the great bond of friendship between them.

The businesswoman mentions the name of her partner, Onestini, and excludes the latter from the initial nomination Alberto Debesis.

An influencer during his shift saves his friend Edward Which, for obvious reasons, saves Antonella Fiordellisi. On the other hand, the swordsman mentions a name Nikita Which, as soon as his time comes, saves him from exclusionary nomination David Donade.

The businessman makes his last name in the chain and, in a sure and safe way, saves his dear friend Andrew Who, showing some difficulty, has the task of choosing the important person who has the right to speak on television.

Between one hesitation and another, the soccer player decided to name his partner Melina, thus sending her directly to the television broadcast.

After the rescue series that identified Melina as the first TV nominee, the second phase of nominations begins, and this time, the voting system will be the pyramids system.

OrianaAnd YaelAnd onestini And AndrewWithout hesitation he mentions Nikita’s name, outlining some of his hesitant positions in dialogue and not very open with some comrades, while Antonellain Confessional secrecy, mentions the name of Alberto.

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It’s a turn Daniel Who, sure of his choice, appoints Antonella. To continue, it’s time Nikita who blatantly mentions Yael’s name for the absence of dialogue.

Tavasi And MikulInstead, they decide to join forces with some classmates and send Nikita to TV, as they see inconsistent situations in her.

in confession, David He decides to send Giaele for the nomination, as he sees coldness and detachment in their relationship.

AlbertCertain of his choice, he mentions the name David, and in conclusion, MilenaAnd, with great surprise, he mentioned the name Luca Onestini.

Nikita, Melina, Gialli, Alberto, Antonella, Davide and Onestini: who will be eliminated next?

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