The toughness of King Charles, the tears of Andrea who will never return to “serve” the crown –

The toughness of King Charles, the tears of Andrea who will never return to “serve” the crown –
From Enrica Rodolfo

It is alleged that the King dampened his brother’s tears by telling him that he would never return to attend the public life of the House of Windsor again. He won’t be at the memorial in a week

Reduced to tears, sadness. Prince Andrew thus reacted to the words of his older brother Charles, On the eve of the Queen’s deathwhich declared his “exile” from public life. forever. Exit immediately, since last February when Andrea found a salty deal for 12 million pounds according to rumors, with Virginia attorney Giuffre. (For the charges against the Prince in the Joffrey/Epstein case) It seemed inevitable.

But it was in his heart that Andrea had always hoped that she would be nullified. Buoyed by the fact that Elizabeth has on several occasions given precedence to her love as a mother, over the strictness of the role of the sovereign. For the Mass commemorating Philip in March, it was Andrew who led Elizabeth to the nave of Westminster Abbey and escorted her from Windsor Castle. But with the Queen’s death of Elizabeth’s favorite son, everything changed. And since the early hours of preparations for the Queen’s funeral, the Duke – again according to a source from mail on sunday Carlo will cry again by announcing that he will no longer be able to wear his uniform. King Charles as well as the new Prince of Wales, William, although they allowed Andrew to attend the Queen’s state funeral in September, made it clear at once that the matter would be dealt with in the most strict manner.

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I was interviewed a few days ago by Corriere, Tina Brown, former director of Tatler and New Yorker And signing a bestseller on Diana and the royal family, he already answered the question of whether Prince Andrew would be able to “return to service” in the company, he replied: “Never come back, let’s say “in service” to the crown even because William is cruel to him » .

His nephew William’s toughness is coupled with Charles’ determination to keep the heir immune from Prince Andrew’s private life. So much so that, as British historian Hugo Vickers, who is closest to the House of Windsor, has shown us, the first thorns Carlo encountered was precisely the future role of Andrea and Harry. “The Queen reconnected many threads before the end: she blessed Camilla as the future queen consort…but in fact there were still two questions to be determined: Andrew’s fate, his place of residence for example at the Royal Lodge in Windsor Park and Harry’s future.

Yes, and if there were repeated attempts by Carlo to approach his son with Harry with (rejected) dinner invitations on the days of the funeral, with Andrea the position of the King seemed immediately clear. The shadows of the accusations against the Prince, which have never been confirmed because they were resolved by an economic agreement between the parties involved, are a veil that cannot cast a shadow over the transparency of the monarchy, the Houses of Windsor and the King.

Now, the next step will also be to decide the fate of the Royal Lodge, the residence in Windsor Garden that the Prince made

Andrew Always Lived (shared with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson). and in the end also the fate (work) of the Duke of York’s daughters. Will there be a place for them in the simplified monarchy that Charles has in mind? They are certainly not part of the front line of royals who are destined to support themselves with royal engagements.

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Timing indiscretion over Andrea’s tears and Carlo’s bundles? It’s no coincidence: Remembrance Day approaches, the date that marks the most important moment on the real agenda, before Christmas. Commemorating the Fallen at the London Memorial. Andrea, who is no longer a royal height, is deprived of the possibility of appearing in public, and therefore will not be there. So it’s no surprise that within a week, the spotlight will be able to focus on Charles’ first Cenotaph in his job as king. And not as ordered by the Queen as it has been in recent years with a very fragile sovereign. Second, Andrew’s tears and the king’s constancy also send a message of righteousness from the crown. Vital for moving Windsors into the future.

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