“I wanted to call her after my mother but she doesn’t want to. Marry Karius? You have to ask me.”

“I wanted to call her after my mother but she doesn’t want to. Marry Karius? You have to ask me.”

Dilita Lotta is about to become a mother. It was love at first sight with Loris Karius: «I was in Paris with my friends for an all-women’s weekend, we were having dinner in a place that was also full of beautiful, gorgeous girls, just models, because it was Fashion Week. At a certain point, Loris comes and I tell my friends: Girls, the man of my life has come, ”said Corriere della Sera.

Within two months I got pregnant. I found out on December 24th.

I felt fear, but also utter joy with Loris, and love to the ninth degree. He was so happy, we were on a video call from my room, I told him I was about to audition and he was so calm; He certainly wasn’t expecting that either.” The baby will be born in August.

Paola Ferrari and Fabio Fazio’s shoulder: “I am happy that he is leaving. I’m in San Remo? If Leotta did that…”


“I hope to aim to get back on the field right away. Maybe not in August, but in September I think so.” To improve pregnancy, her podcast (also available on YouTube) arrives from June 19 “Mamma Dilettante £”, a conversation in which she chats with celebrity friends who are already parents, asking for tips and suggestions about motherhood. “The podcast is really used to banish fears. Seeing what happened to other women is healing, it makes you feel less alone, you can share any fears and understand that everyone has been there and overcome them.”

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“I’m thinking about the wedding. But he has to ask me. I’m traditional on this.” And what’s the name? «We met at Ophelia, which is my mother’s name. A rare, important, beautiful, Shakespearean name. But my mother did not want it, she told me that this was a disgrace to her daughter, and that she had suffered all her life. Too bad, I actually got a tattoo on my wrist.”

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