Gf Vip 6, Manila Nazzaro has his say about the breakup between Manuel and Lulu

Gf Vip 6, Manila Nazzaro has his say about the breakup between Manuel and Lulu

Manila Nazarote He was undoubtedly one of the most discussed characters in Gf Vip 6a reality show that allowed her to be known and appreciated by the public, to the point that she was one step closer to the final.

A few months after the reality show ended Manilainterview by Mondo TV 24He wanted to have his say about some of his former fellow adventurers, starting with those who re-evaluated them either positively or negatively as soon as he left home:

Unfortunately, I pay the price for a great human disappointment, i.e. Katia RicciarelliI never hid it, we gave each other a lot, I gave a lot and eventually I figured out another idea. Those who tested positive stayed home, Mirjana Trevisan above all. mirjana He taught me that in friendship there is no jealousy, if you love someone you are happy to see with other people who love him, there should be no jealousy and possessiveness. A beautiful and true friendship sets you free, and it binds me and mirjana.


Aldo MontanoAnd Janmaria AntinolfiAnd Francesca Cipriani And Alex BaileyThey are amazing, wonderful people. If you ask me that the relationship with princesses is almost non-existent, I am sorry that I gave so much, and took Clarissa which I don’t care about at all, lulu And Jessica Somewhat friendly relations, but I no longer had the opportunity and opportunity to talk about them.

and then Manila Nazareth He also had his say on the recent separation between Manuel Portozzo And Lulu Selassieand somehow wanted to defend the swimmer’s family:

I’ve always seen two different people, completely different, I guess lulu He still has to make a path and that decision Manuel Take nothing from the beauty of the soul of that boy and his family. […] There is no doubt in the greatness of the spirit of the parents Manuel who overcame with great love, strength and pride a tragedy that would have destroyed most families.

Then continue:

I want to protect Jamal Manuel and his family and beauty lulu In his soul, which differs in its characteristics and life. Maybe this stuff will do some huge rounds and then come back, I don’t know. I just want them to remain beautiful people like those I have known and love each other, but I think there is no doubt from that point of view. Manuel is a decent, kind, wise person, and unfortunately life has made him wise.

Rather, as far as home-born couples are concerned, this is Alessandro Bacciano And Sophie CodegoniAnd Janmaria Antinolfi And Federica CalmyThe former Miss Italy said:

I saw Sufi She completely “collapsed” when she saw Alexanderso this is not his case. Sufi She didn’t need to be a husband, but to be loved and respected, so Sophie was just looking for that for me. is found AlexanderThey had moments of difficulty, they didn’t know each other. They are an amazing couple and we hope they at least last. Another very beautiful couple is the one that shaped it Jianmaria And Federicavery different from Alexander And Sufinot social, less showy if you mean, they say little. Jianmaria He does a very important job. Federica She was a girl at other times, like her no one around her anymore. I really like them as a couple and would always like to see them together, I have to be honest.

In recent weeks, the relationship between barrow And Jessica Selassieand in this regard Manila Nazarote I wanted to make some clarifications:

I don’t think there can be friendship in light of events, you know anyway Jessica She’s a very proud woman, it’s either all or nothing. And when barrow, the whole thing, he didn’t give it to him, at some point the points were closed. Respected as a decision, however barrow He remains a very nice person, makes me laugh a lot and I have a great memory of him barrow at home.

Finally, ex Jevina revealed If he had heard more Soleil rise After Gf Vip and what do you think of his role as a commentator Show Pupa and Nerd:

Soleil I haven’t heard anything about her, she doesn’t have much of a relationship with the people of the house, a little sorry because in any case there was sincere respect behind everything on my part. Good at her role as a columnist, she has a mixture of sympathy and sarcasm which is good for a columnist role. In my opinion is very good, beautiful and good. I’ve always told her that she lacks anything, maybe just to soften some aspects of her character, the rest she’s lacking in nothing, she’s a complete girl from an emotional point of view.

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