May 29, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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GdS – Inzaghi, a speech to his followers about confidence and focus a few hours away from Benfica-Inter

The sports newspaper conveys the meanings of the words that the coach said to the players regarding the first leg of the first division quarter-finals.

“We create a lot and the ball doesn’t want to go in, but let’s not lose faith in what we’re doing. We’ll come back to score constantly. Let’s believe in it!”. This, as stated The Sports GazetteIt was the meaning of Inzaji’s hadith to him

Inter is a few hours away from the Benfica match. The Champions League is now the priority for the Nerazzurri and the disappointments in the league must be put aside.

The Nerazzurri did not reach the semi-finals Champions from 2010 Prior to that occasion, it reached the semi-finals against Milan, in a very unfortunate derby that saw it eliminated with two draws. The first leg of the quarter-final must tell a different story compared to the one told in Serie A. All this wasting of procedures created and not finalized is just too much to bear in the Grail. Hopefully CL night will bring advice and good news so that you can then refocus on the championship final and find your way back to qualifying for the next Champions League, which is also vital for budgets.

After the arrival of overtaking Roma on the last day after a draw with Salernitana (instead the yellow-red beat Toro.ndr) the road became more difficult. In the last seven days of the tournament, from now until June, there will be matches with Lazio, Roma, Napoli and Atalanta. Four direct clashes. Without forgetting the return of the Italian Cup against Juventus at the end of April. In the last six matches, there has been one win, one draw and four defeats: the trend must be completely reversed and now, before it’s too late.

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