Life-Changing Wi-Fi Trick: Print This Code And Keep It On Hand, That’s Why So Many Do It

Life-Changing Wi-Fi Trick: Print This Code And Keep It On Hand, That’s Why So Many Do It

Once you know this trick for your home Wi-Fi, you’ll never go back: Print this code and keep it with you always.

Nowadays, it is pretty much taken for granted that every single one of us has Wi-Fi at home. The ubiquity of cell phones has made it unnecessary to have a home phone line, because in the worst case (if you find yourself without an active upgrade) you’ll only need to connect this to the network Wifi At home and calling through one of the various applications that allow you to call your contacts.

Incredible Wi-Fi trick –

Aware of the gradual and inexorable decline of landlines, telephone operators have begun offering faster and more robust Internet connections (as long as you’re in a big enough city). there flat connection It allows you to always have the Internet, without fear of consuming data, at a monthly price that is generally around 30 euros.

On the other hand, the Internet at home is now essential, not only because it allows you to connect phones and not consume the data network when you are in between interior wallsbut also because computers, phones and even televisions now take advantage of connectivity to provide users with their own functions.

A very useful Wi-Fi trick: once you try it, you can’t go back

Since you have a flat broadband connection, it has surely happened to you many times that your guests have asked you for the password Wifi To be able to connect to your network and save your data connection. It certainly doesn’t cost you anything to do such a service, even if depending on the number of guests in the house that evening, you may experience a drop in connection speed and thus suffer from delays if you are downloading something.

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Once you try it you will never go back –

Minor problem, and definitely more annoying is giving the password to all of them. Most modern phones allow you to call via WPS plugin (Set up Wi-Fi protection) and saves you the hassle of having to give out your password to everyone and the potential risk of password theft. But how do you compensate for those who can’t use the WPS function?

The creator offers helpful advice in these cases Biagio Gabriel In one of the videos posted on his official Instagram page. In practice, it shows that all you have to do is enter the network name and password on the website. Once this is done, the site will generate a QR code with which anyone can log into your home network. Therefore, printing and keeping a QR code can be useful when you have many guests at home and you want to give them the opportunity to use your Wi-Fi network.

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