Google Play September Update Released: News About ‘Kids Space’

Google Play September Update Released: News About ‘Kids Space’

newly The Google Publish a post containing All news about the latest system updates for google appswith a special focus on the next person September. In this regard, it must be remembered that these updates were released before The Google that gives Play Store and Play Services. Among other things, it is not exclusively dedicated to smart phone But also for other devices, such as plankAnd the computer with Chrome OSrelated devices Android TV / Google TVai smart watch with Wear OSfor cars equipped with Android Auto.Before moving on to the details of the news, it might be interesting to refer to our guide on How to update google play services on Android and smart TV

As for the news, The most interesting is the “Kids Space” experience on Android. In fact, Google makes it possible to install Kids Space on a secondary account during the device setup process. This makes it easy to share Android tablets between family members of all ages. New update too It will allow you to hide from children – While the app is running – Applications that you think are inappropriate.

However, these types of updates are installed automatically User can also check manually. For example, to search for updates for the Play Store, you need to open the application and then:

  • Click on your avatar in the top right
  • Click on “Settings” and then on “Information”
  • Click on the “Update Play Store” button.

However, any updates to the Google Play system It can be searched like this:

  • Click on “Settings” phone
  • Click on “Phone Information” and then on “Android Version”
  • Click the “Google Play System Update” button.
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