Biden exits polls, shocking hypothesis Kamala Harris: US Democrats risk midterm collapse

Biden exits polls, shocking hypothesis Kamala Harris: US Democrats risk midterm collapse


Two months into the vote, a scary number.

liking Joe Biden Waterfalls and trembling Democratic Party: in the elections mid-term NovemberIn fact, The risk of losing both the House and the Senate is becoming more real every day.

Party leaders know this, the media sticks to a Trump’s file is now tiredPeople whose moods have changed know.

The president himself knows of course.

No matter how frantic foreign policy, caught between its borders in the grips of inflation and stagnation, more than anyone is actually giving up.
And the Not only in view of the 2024 re-nominationbut even As a replacement for his deputy, Kamala Harris. This is theThe shock hypothesis that takes hold, especially if the slap comes from the jars. The political imagination of yesterday that today assumes the attributes of concrete possibility.

Regardless of the openings for both sides, Objectively speaking, Biden appears to be facing a great deal of difficulty. sometimes physically, Even the most neutral international agency photos.

Beyond human, of course, the historical moment is complex.

And the There are at least four burning global issues.

The war in Ukraine and the specter of Russia, with weapons that keep flowing, but with a horizon for which no end can be seen. Saddam hardly arouses the excitement of the American people who, with the exception of a few flags fluttering in the so-called “sanctuary cities”, are seized by other fears, much closer.

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The fate of Taiwan and the shadow of China, with inductions and exercises that overlap and with the identification of all actors in the game absolutely. With Xi Jinping, he is ready for a historic third term, which considers the island his own. With the same island leaders who say they are ready for a military response. And with the United States itself saying it is equally willing to ensure it is covered. In short, such an entanglement would destabilize the world a little more, as if it was needed.


And then thereAfghanistanShe left to herself exactly one year ago, and now all of a suddenIraqMeanwhile, God’s wrath unleashed on a whole series of political and social revolutions.

In conclusion: Although Biden specifically uses foreign sparks to distract from domestic problems, the Durability scenario is in fact very complex, and potentially horrific.

The vote is not lacking, and the danger is collapse.

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