Gasoline prices are out of control. Filling is draining

Gasoline prices are out of control.  Filling is draining

The scorching month of August continues in terms of fuel prices. After returning from the summer vacation, it was confirmed that the prices of gasoline had risen, which Asotente denounced, while fuel prices recorded new highs during the past week. This was stated by the association, commenting on the weekly data provided today by the Mase company, as the price of petrol reached 1.947 euros per liter last week, and diesel 1.847 euros, with an increase in only three months by +7.7% for green and up to +12%. for diesel.

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Compared to May, a full tank of petrol now costs motorists €7 more, while a full tank of diesel costs €10 more. According to weekly data from the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security (Mase), the price of petrol in self-service mode rises to 1,948 euros per liter, and diesel to 1,847 euros per liter.

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Meanwhile, in the event of prolonged increases in the cost of fuel, the government can introduce a prepaid card in the style of a “for you” card for food purchases. The sudden rise in the cost of petrol over the summer, which has now settled at around €2 a liter, may force the government to take action, but there are more options on the table for how to intervene.

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