Point of sale and credit cards: Who is at risk?

Point of sale and credit cards: Who is at risk?

The new series of controls put in place by the Italian tax authorities put point-of-sale and credit card users under a magnifying glass. Let’s see what risks and consequences can be for these people. Let’s explore this issue together in the next article.

The Revenue Agency will soon launch a new phase of checks and reports, POS and credit cards with suspicious movements also end up in the camera lens Compared to declared income by cardholders: who is at risk now? We will try to clarify this in the following article.

Credit Cards and POS: Who Risks New Checks?

Postpaid Evolution 1

The Italian Fico control checks credit card users and points of sale. These people could risk a lot, as their stamina was lowered. It is a matter of checking suspicious movements made by credit card holders and points of sale. These reports, most likely, will be added Compliance messages are sent to suspicious profiles.

AdE Controls: What to Do If You Receive a Compliance Letter?

Not many people realize the risks and consequences of receiving a letter of compliance. In fact, this is nothing more than an invitation to clarify one’s contribution and income status. The best way to close any disputes, in these cases, is to proceed with automatic completion. The Revenue Agency makes the information in its possession available to the taxpayer.

How do you get the order?

If intervention is required, How to comply with the Italian tax authorities? This will be possible by contacting:

  • A Department of Multi-Channel Assistance (SAM), through the toll-free number 800.90.96.96. from a landline phone and 06.96668907 from a mobile phone (the cost is based on the tariff plan applied by the operator), from Monday to Friday from 9 to 17, by selecting the option “Services with the operator – connection for automatic compliance”;
  • the relevant regional directorate;
  • One of the regional offices of the Revenue Agency.
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How do you submit the necessary documents?

Prepare the donation

there Supplementary documents It must be made available to the tax authorities by the following means:

  • Directly through the CIVIS application in electronic format:
  • submit it to the regional directorate;
  • By contacting a qualified mediator for remote services to transfer the advertisement.

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