PS5: The more you play on PC, the faster the economy becomes and… Helldivers 2 suggestions can be

PS5: The more you play on PC, the faster the economy becomes and… Helldivers 2 suggestions can be

Could Sony's stance and the success of Helldivers 2 prompt an increased cross-platform policy?

despite of Amazing sales, it seems that the PS5 has somewhat reached its expansion point in the market, at least in terms of the pace of growth, which partly explains the fact that despite the superior sales the margins are rather small. It's certainly not a dramatic situation, but it's clearly pushing the upper echelons of the company into it Review the general policies a little In terms of video game production and distribution, also because Sony is essentially PlayStation nowadays, and the latter must function properly to push the whole group forward. Sony PlayStation CEO Hiroki Totoki has clearly said that there is a problem with the gaming division and that this has to do with not understanding how its success can translate into growth and generating sustainable profits and higher margins for the unit as a whole.

We've seen in the past few hours that Sony has lost around $10 billion in stock value, and this decline will be largely due to the lower level of operating margin derived from PlayStation's financial results. Added to this is the fact that Totoki also stated that the division should push more towards a multi-platform approach, which will likely mean expansion on PC since considering the possibility of launching on other consoles still seems like science fiction for Sony. In conjunction with this speech, we witness the amazing success he achieved Hell Divers 2and perhaps even higher on PC than PS5, where it recorded numbers never before seen in a title published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

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Towards a simultaneous launch between PC and PS5?

Helldivers 2 could prove that a simultaneous launch between PC and PS5 is a good thing
Helldivers 2 could prove that a simultaneous launch between PC and PS5 is a good thing

Putting all the points together, the graphic that emerges indicates a potential increase in Sony's efforts on the multi-platform front, namely PC, with the possibility that in the near future there could be more PlayStation games on this platform and perhaps more launches in contemporary games. With multiple platforms on day one. We already know that this is the policy that has already been put in place for live service titles, and given that between this year and next, many of the different projects announced by Sony on this front should hit the market, we will already see an increase in 'today and next year ” launch date between PS5 and PC, but this could also expand this initiative to include games traditionally associated with the console sector, such as Sony's big single-player titles.

Obviously these are just speculation, but if the expansion of the console market has already reached a plateau, a simultaneous release on PC could be a way to immediately expand the potential buyer base for games, regardless of the desire to build an expanded market. Live service game audience. The question is also useful for individual players, considering how the not-so-exciting numbers that many of these record on Steam may be due to an excessive delay in their arrival compared to the PS5. It will take some time to get there, perhaps going step by step and going through a closer timeline, but something to that effect might actually happen in the near future, we'll see.

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