Andrea Purgatory, the journalist who wanted to know the truth about Ustica has died

Andrea Purgatory, the journalist who wanted to know the truth about Ustica has died

The journalist, screenwriter and author died this morning in Rome in hospital after a short illness Andrew PurgatoryBorn in 1953. The news was conveyed by their children Eduardo, Ludovico and Victoria and the family represented by the Kao law firm.


for years in Corriere della Sera Where he dealt with terrorism, intelligence and crime, among other things, he devoted himself assiduously to the Ustica massacre of 1980. Author of reports, he successfully presented Atlantis in La7. Script teacher, advisor to authors, among his recent works involved in docu Vatican girl In case Emanuela Orlandi.

A brilliant mind – emphasized family members devastated by pain – who we recently recalled in a broadcast 7 Atlantis Where he was an author and presenter, in further times as a correspondent in war zones and author of the most important Italian judicial investigations, and then still an author and screenwriter of many films and TV series including rubber wallAnd fortabask And boy judge.


Hello Andrea. And so, with a post on Instagram Unrico Mentana, director TgLa7, salutes teammate Andrea Purgatory. Purgatori was the author and conductor of the show Atlantis Broadcast on La7.

Andrea Purgatori “an example to follow for all young people who approach the core function of information with genuine curiosity and passion”:Enppi, saluting “with great pain” a “journalist of tremendous human, civil and professional qualities” who “contributed to his investigations to uncover the truth about the many, many Italian mysteries, the Ustica massacre at the beginning”. “Hi Andrea and thanks from the bottom of my heart,” the Rebel Association concludes.

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“I would also like to express my deepest condolences on behalf of the entire democratic community on the untimely death of the great journalist Andrea Purgatory who linked his name to important investigations of terrorism and crime. I am reminded of the civil passion and fortitude with which he pursued the investigation of the Ustica massacre for 43 years, right up to the end. He managed to Making an enormous contribution to the fight for the truth, which we must continue today more than ever. To his family, colleagues and friends. My condolences go.” Even a secretary P.D Eli Shlain.

“With the death of Andrea Purgatory we lose a great journalist who was able to always raise the bar of investigation in depth by describing with analytical skills and accuracy the facts that marked the history of our country.” advocates of the 5 star movement On the Culture Committee of the House and Senate.

“I express my condolences on the death of Andrea Purgatori. A brilliant reporter, author of successful documentaries, screenwriter and author of unforgettable investigative television programmes, one of the most prestigious signatures of the Italian press has disappeared. My deepest condolences to the family.” Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lorenzo Fontana.

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