Fundació Jesuites Educació, ensuring high-quality and top-notch vocational training

Fundació Jesuites Educació, ensuring high-quality and top-notch vocational training

Master of Vocational Training are specialized programs designed to expand the knowledge of students with a degree in vocational training at intermediate level or higher. At Jesuítes el Clot you can find a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity in IT Environments. The aim of this Master’s degree is for students to become professionals capable of defining and implementing security strategies in information systems, performing cybersecurity diagnostics, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing measures to mitigate them.

On the other hand, Clot also has a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This training program focuses on techniques and technologies used to manage, analyze and interpret large amounts of data, as well as developing algorithms and artificial intelligence models to solve complex problems. The course covers topics such as machine learning, natural language processing, data mining, data visualization, and distributed database management.

For its part, the Jesuit Center Sarria also develops Professional Development Programs (PdP) with its own qualifications that can be awarded to companies. These courses are specializations aimed at industry professionals and professional students who wish to specialize in different fields.

In the hotel and tourism sector they offer four PdP. First, professional pastry, which is a training that includes all the skills a pastry chef needs to be able to practice the profession, whether in pastry work, management or leadership.

Second, we have PdP in Haute Cuina. This course allows the student to delve deeper into haute cuisine and avant-garde cuisine, while gaining a high degree of professional experience. The structure of the program allows for consolidation of knowledge, development of a sense of responsibility, exposure to the professional environment and enhancement of creative skills in the kitchen.

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An event planner is another good option. The overall aim of this course is to train and provide the student with the necessary knowledge to organize institutional and social events through projects, seminars with sector suppliers and technical visits.

Finally, we find the PdP of the sommelier. The growing interest in the world and culture of wine poses a challenge in the presence of qualified professionals to serve, develop and manage this field in various companies and institutions in the world of wine. The main goal is to train professionals in the field of culture, service and management of wine and other beverages.

In other words, the Jesuits in Saria have added a new course in caring for children with special support needs. Specialized training in acquiring skills and support skills to care for children with disabilities, in healthy educational, home and social settings, and meet their universal needs for their development and personal independence.

Apart from these training courses, we also want to highlight three training courses:

  • Intermediate Degree in Administrative Management (Jesuïtes Bellvitge), for its excellent employability and projection in the form of an academic path towards the business world.
  • Higher Degree in Early Childhood Education (Jesuïtes Sarrià), which seeks professionalism in the field of early childhood education through the design, implementation and evaluation of educational projects and programs for children.
  • Advanced Degree in Aviation Mechanical Maintenance of Turboprop Aircraft (Jesuïtes el Clot, in collaboration with Barcelona-Sabadell Aeroclub), with an agreement with Heliswiss Ibérica, to train future professionals in the aviation sector.
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Finally, we emphasize that students of higher education courses, once they have completed their studies, can choose to obtain a national university degree or a Bachelor’s degree/higher s International Year of Progress, with some European universities with which the Jesuit Education Foundation has established alliances, such as University College Birmingham – UCB (United Kingdom); Business and Hotel Management School – BHMS (Switzerland); European University eUniv (Andorra); Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Belgium) and Galway Business School (Ireland).

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