This is how much the photovoltaic system costs

This is how much the photovoltaic system costs

Installing a photovoltaic system in their homes is the dream of many Italians, who hope for energy independence and energy savings in the future. But what is the cost of installing photovoltaic panels? We try to answer this question in the following article.

One of the first obstaclesSolar panel installation For Italian families this price. These are in fact notoriously expensive and often prohibitively expensive for Italian middle-class families. The price It is really not easy to calculate, since there are many factors that do not allow accurate estimates to be made from scratch.

Let’s see all there is to know about it in the following article.

Solar panels: how many types are there?


Let’s see first How many types of solar panels are available in the market, to find out which one suits the characteristics of the house. The types are as follows:

  • Photovoltaic solar panelsSolar cells of this type of panels are built of silicon, a material capable of capturing sunlight and converting it into electrical energy for the home.
  • thermal solar panels: The cells of this type of solar panel, on the other hand, do not produce solar energy, but allow the storage of thermal energy.
  • Concentrating solar panels: This type of solar system is the development of solar thermal panels and allows you to generate hot water, concentrating the sun’s energy towards the collector.

So it is essential that you understand first of all what your needs are in the field of solar panels, and choose from the above types.

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Solar panels: how much do they cost?

Solar Panels

Let’s now see the actual price of these devices. The cost of solar panels It depends on many factors including the number of family members. For a family of 4, with an average consumption of 4000 kWh, the cost is about 9000 EURto which assembly and maintenance costs must then be added.

In the case of thermal solar panels, whose task is only to heat water, the cost is calculated 400 to 1300 euros per square meter. As for the concentration of solar panels, their output is estimated in kilowatts. The price is between 1500 and 1700 euros per kilowatt.

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