Stellantis is driving Italians crazy: the new Fiat is coming

Stellantis is driving Italians crazy: the new Fiat is coming

Stellantis never stops and so he decided once again to drive Italians crazy with a new car ready to debut on the market. It’s a really unexpected model, check it out.

Stellantis (web source)

Fiat – and thus Stellantis – constantly renews itself around the world. In fact, the new model of the Italian manufacturer is on its way, ready to debut in South America. Or rather, in Brazil. The Fiat Fastback SUV is on its way, a compact model built with a coupe body despite its segment. Curious, isn’t it? Precisely for this reason, let’s get to know him better.

Fiat Castback, the Latin SUV: A story that began in 2018

The Fiat Castback is about to make a strong comeback to the market, but it’s not entirely new to the automotive sector. Yes, because the Stellantis SUV was produced in Brazil as of 2018. It was presented at the auto show four years ago in a coupe-style prototype with a five-door body and a sunroof.

It is impossible not to mention the “cut tail” – from which the name comes. The vehicle was designed with a very clear and unequivocal goal to give life to a series of cars in a style that distinguishes them throughout the South American auto market. Now in the second half of 2022, we can say that Fiat has also succeeded in its intentions A new and newer creature in Latin forms.

Fiat Fastback, the SUV for South America: features and expected presentation

As we said, the Fiat Fastback has a coupe body specifically to meet the demands of the South American market. Built on the basis of the MLA platform, the technical specifications of the car are not yet known. However, we can truly believe that the length of the car is just over four meters and the wheelbase of the car exceeds two meters.

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Fiat Fastback (web source) August 11, 2022
Fiat Fastback (web source)

According to some sources from Brazil, not all of them have been confirmed, apparently Its official presentation will be held in October The car will be available with some turbo engines: a 1.0 3-cylinder with 130 hp and a 1.3 with a maximum of 185 hp. As for the chassis, it says little about the lines of Volkswagen Taigo (Nevos in Brazil), the main competitor of the new Fiat Fastback in the market.

The latter can have a narrow trunk, and the headroom in the rear seats can also be reduced. As we mentioned in the past, For now, it doesn’t look like Fiat is ready to bring the Fastback to Europe. However, the same was said about the Volkswagen Taigo. Who knows if this time we will have to expect a “reversal of the front”.

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