September 25, 2022

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Juventus and Allegri remained. But the company protects itself and is thinking of a successor: Ranieri, Montero and … all names | first page

There is no good air in the house Juventus. The knockout at home with Benfica brought Allegri back to the wall. In the event of rivalry between the fans and the lack of results, the coach must immediately regain the rudder of his team and achieve a series of positive results, starting with away from Monza. After the U-Power Stadium match, there will be a break, a useful moment to recharge the batteries, restore damaged players, but also Thinking about the state of things in Continassa.

Situation A negative result with Monza could push Agnelli and the club to do so More reviews about the position of Allegri. The bench is solid, as the coach himself confirmed in the post-Champions League match. But More knockouts could change that. The contract linking the former Milan to Juventus is long and heavy, which is one of the factors hampering his status. At the moment, the Bianconeri prefer not to offer a new, heavy contract to another coach. But, as always, the court will decide.

Names Names eligible for a possible replacement for Allegri exist. except for the former Zidane They are considered out of budget profiles like those of Pochettino or twitchtrainers of international stature and paid as such, The alternatives are varied. It comes from a returning horse like Claudio RanieriA name that is sure to be trusted by Roberto de zerby, I came out of the experience in Ukraine. On the previous Sassuolo, there is also Brighton, with whom the first contacts were positive. Here, instead, the internal solution takes root: to raise the level of the first team, it can be Montero. The former defender is Primavera coachIt knows the environment perfectly and is a low cost solution. Juventus looks around and protects itself by thinking about every scenario…

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