november spa bonus: deadlines, requirements and application

Bonus term – If you are thinking of staying at the spa, then you should know that starting from November you can do it practically at no cost thanks to a certain discount (Join the TheWam . community and receive all news on WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook).

In this study we will see together what it looks like New Spa Bonus And how to order it.

If you are interested in the topic and want to know more about facilitation, keep reading the article.

Spa Bonus: What is it?

Before figuring out the requirements and deadlines for a spa bonus, let’s see together what exactly it is.

A bonus is a facility thanks to which a citizen can access the spa services when creating the benefit, with one 100% coverage NS max 200 EUR.

Any amount that exceeds the cost of services must be paid by the citizen.

To use the bonus, it is necessary to choose one of the institutions from among the approved and Reservation processing that determines that you want to take advantage of the discount.

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Who is it and what are the requirements

Curious to know if you can take advantage of the spa bonus? I know that facilitating Do not rely in any way on ISEE a favour.

the only ones Requirements To receive the bonus is:

  • Puberty
  • Residence in Italy.

Plus the spa bonus May be required by each component A family of 5 will receive 5 bonuses for a total amount of EUR 1,000.

When do you apply?

The spa bonus can be requested directly from the spa facility where you want to use the services.

The date to be marked on the calendar is a dateNovember 8: On this day, in fact, the green light will be given to reservations in approved structures and until the funds allocated for the bonus, i.e. 53 million euros, have been exhausted.

Structures will be issued a Reservation certificate valid for 60 days and provide the necessary documentation to Invitalia to allow the guests to take advantage of the bonus.

List of approved facilities will be available soon Invitalia website.

We wish we had clarified a little, but if you have doubts about the spa bonus and how to order it, feel free to write to us at Instagram.

november spa bonus: deadlines, requirements and application
november spa bonus: deadlines, requirements and application
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