From Mary Jumaa, “Faces of the Soul”, wonderful and shocking

From Mary Jumaa, “Faces of the Soul”, wonderful and shocking

As we are accustomed to his latest creations, The incomparable Marie Juma invites us to discover a new chapter of her exceptional outputa production that stems from what she calls the “strange situation” that has settled in our population, within our homes and especially in each of us, as a result of the bewildering effects caused by the pandemic. In fact an unimaginable circumstance, passionately, Using exquisite sculptural forms, the artist moved to surround himself with figures – whether hybrid, whether without any sexual identity, heterosexual or faceless – who were very close to him and who suggest that they are neither more nor less than a reflection of what he lived that unfortunate year. 2020, in his skin. That is, fears, awe, fear of the unknown… become states of the soul, intimate states, which Goma dared to act, and decided to show them either still or in motion. With a lowered head or a frightened look when not lost and in an uncertain situation. The result is a striking, metaphorical theatrical performance that glorifies, if not inertia, then the bewilderment of prolonged paralysis in which one does not know where the world is headed. All these states of the soul have been wonderfully closedexceptionally caricatured, in an exhibition that delves deeper, later, primarily in terms of the sequence as if it were a photograph, humanity drifting, if not lost, disoriented in a perhaps dystopian social context.

This is a self-taught potter who has mastered the most qualified techniques of famous masters (Nino Caruso, Miquel Mollet, Ramon Forte, Tony Soriano or Emilie Galassi), accomplished in a matter of time and with the unmistakable stamp of a multifaceted artist. Always a lover of all forms of art, along with music, dance and theatre, he has managed to find his place in the world through sculptural creativity; It is a skill that he turned – thanks to his background in drawing and painting – into one of the best means of expressing his combined knowledge and mastery, into which he incorporated the techniques of raku, ground sigils, and tenmokus. After all that, She is such a talented and tireless practitioner that she led him to become a professional Also in teaching new artists.

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From her workshop in Miralles, a wonderful, peaceful, landscaped retreat, ceramics became for her one of the greatest acts of liberation and creative fulfillment. There, without any guidance, but allowing himself to move around according to his abilities, A special trait of his that allows him to enjoy complete freedom of his creativityCaptivating characters and expressive beauty.

Of course, today and now it is not often to describe Jumah as an unequivocal lover of the lands of our region. In her day, a series of circumstances, why not coincidence, led her to feel fascinated by the neighborhood of Santa María de Miralles. In this landscaped environment, and on the utterly welcoming Caseta Gumà estate, she finds shelter, protection, and her place in the world. Immediately, the small house, the garden and the affectionate coexistence with the animals became a rural setting for works of art and sharing from time to time with friends. In this quiet environment and without a schedule or calendar, he moved forward with his long-awaited artistic and professional project.

The success of the first ceramics exhibitions would be followed by many others, resulting in numerous exhibitions in galleries and art galleries in Spain and in Casa Nostra; Such as the one we are dealing with these days, at the Institute of Phalanx de Vals Studies; Exhibition spaces that Juma values, because they allow him to showcase different aspects of his craftsmanship. This is it, Shop windows that reveal their essential view of the world; Now, take a closer look at what she aptly calls “the faces of the soul.”

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The opening ceremony was in the past April 26 on Salé Street. Rock Institute of Phalanx Studies (Falenx), in the presence of Sonia Roca, Vice Mayor and Urban and Heritage Advisor, Rocío Martínez, Trade Advisor, and Eduard González, Eduardo González, Director of the Institute of Phalanx Studies.

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