From Arisa to Fred De Palma

From Arisa to Fred De Palma

Karmis dedicated to the most popular hits continues in the summer of 2023. The date with Tim Summer Hits is tonight, in prime time on Rai 2, with Nek and Andrea Delogu: here they are all the artists in the lineup!

team summer hits 2023, On air early evening On official TV, it will also be available on Ray Play. There will be raids on behind the scenes from the trio own goals (Michele Negroni, Alessandro Erasi and Alessandro Trulli, better known as Rollo)And Ready to grab the curiosity of fun The supporters from the evening. in contact with Radio Ray 2 Box it will be Lamarioat the registry office Mariolina Simon, The radio and TV presenter collects heritage Emma Stockulma, Landmark of Roman appointments.

Team Summer Hits 2023, Sunday, July 23rd Cast: The Singers in the Lineup

Inevitably on stage are supporters of ex-lovers Friends of Maria de Felipe But the most listened to and trending voice right now. Absolute will return Blancofollowed by the overwhelming majority Lamborghini Electra (recently targeted on social media for some inconceivable reason) and unpredictable Tanani.

Let’s get to know the guests Sunday 23 July affiliate Team Summer Hits 2023.

Achille Lauro, Alex Peretti, Alfa, Anna Mina, Angelina Mango, Annalisa, Arisa, Blanco, Clementino, Deodato, Elytra Lamborghini, Imis Kella, Emma, ​​Fred De Palma, Matteo Romano and Luigi Strangis, Nina Zelli, Ole, Paola and Chiart, Rengau and Nick, Paradis Pietro and Lil Bosso, Wax.

The musical show will welcome everyone 70 Italian and international artists. Here it is Lined up complete:

  • Achilles Lauro
  • Wicked Rose
  • I’m Mina
  • Angelina Mango
  • Annalisa
  • Aries
  • arise
  • Article 31
  • Ava
  • Anna and Cabo Plaza
  • Baby K
  • Boumedbash
  • Boron and Oriana
  • brish
  • Carl Brave
  • Clara
  • Colapis and DiMartino
  • zombie things
  • Dargin D’Amico
  • Alodice
  • Emis Kela
  • whatever
  • Fabio Rofazzi and Oretta Berti
  • Fabrizio Moro
  • Fedez
  • Francesca Michelin
  • Francesco Gapani
  • Jaya
  • Gianmaria
  • Georgia
  • Arama and Rukumi
  • Leo Gassman
  • LDA
  • the East
  • my lady
  • Mara Sati
  • Marco Mengoni
  • Matteo Romano and Luigi Stranges
  • Max Paisley
  • M¥ss Keta
  • Mr. Ryan
  • Paula and Claire
  • Piero Bello and Alborosi
  • Tactical Nuclear Penguins
  • ruff
  • Ringa and Nick
  • ruff
  • Rocco Hunt
  • Rosa Chemical
  • Saint John
  • Shadow and Federica Carta
  • Sophie and the giants
  • Tanani
  • Tedua
  • Colors
  • Thomas Paradise
  • Tony Ivey
  • wax
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