Cristian De Sica, do you know which car he has? It is small and costs very little You may have too

Cristian De Sica, do you know which car he has?  It is small and costs very little  You may have too

Our in-depth study of celebrities and cars continues. Christian De Sica is our next hero in this column. The actor is the son of art and inherited from his father, Vittorio, also rich and successful, his passion for cars. What car will you drive every day? How much will he have in the garage? Let’s find out together.

Celebrities, actors, singers, successful men and women often have great financial means and that is why they can afford an almost unlimited choice when it comes to a driving vehicle. In fact, they often have large collections of cars rather than one car to drive in day in and day out.

Colleagues from Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed the actor taking advantage of his presence at the Cortina metraggio festival, where the actor, undisputed king of cinepanettone, was a member of the jury. In an interview on the topic of cars and engines, Christian admitted that he had a great appreciation for cars new and old.

Cars are like big statues. I have owned many cars, of all kinds, but they are all historic. I have a 20 year old Ferrari Scaletti on the market for €40-50k. I also have a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, which I bought for 15,000 euros and repaired for 5,000: today I wouldn’t even buy a Panda for that amount. When my son lived in Los Angeles, I owned a 1964 Cadillac.The”.

But what car will De Sica drive every day? After all, after talking about Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and Cadillac, expectations are certainly high. “Modified version 500 Abarth, black and very angry. Although I must admit that in Rome, with the traffic, I use my motorbike quite oftenChristian admitted.

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Christian De Sica’s Abarth Characteristics 595

The car delivered to him has all the characteristics that De Sica admires: very fast, unique and closely linked to the capital and to the concept of being Roman. Indeed, the expert craftsmen of Garage Italia have created a special double-layer film that recreates the main streets and monuments of Rome on bodywork with an authentic 3D effect, a sure reference. Inside 595 Abarth of the plaintiff (called Rome) there is a stele With personal dedication from Lapo Elkann The well-known Italian actor.

Christian De Sica with Abart 595 Competizione developed by Garageitalia.
Christian De Sica with Abart 595 Competizione developed by Garageitalia.

Abarth 595 It comes in several trim levels that are similar, but they all share the same 1.4-liter T-Jet engine. This means that, regardless of the setup chosen, you’ll have 180 horsepower available, enough to show the Volkswagen AP GTI a clean pair of heels on the straight. The engine is willing to rev with more power than most small turbos, has progressive power delivery, and feels responsive even at low revs. We wish the shifting was smoother, but with a 0-100 km/h time of 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 225 km/h, straight-line performance isn’t far behind that of the larger hot hatches.

Despite the small displacement, the engine has A dangerous sound to hear here. Below 30 mph, a little input on the throttle makes the 595 gurgle, splash and splash; That sounds pretty bad and definitely not a hot hole for those who crave anonymity. Do you want to stand out more? Top spec F595 is the right choice for you; It is equipped with a louder Record Monza Superimposed exhaust system. This version also receives an updated suspension, with the addition of Koni shocks up front (Koni rear shock absorbers are standard across the range) and a more powerful Brembo brake system with perforated brake discs for better heat dissipation.

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