Broadcast: Beware of the account emptying scam

Broadcast: Beware of the account emptying scam

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Another scam attempt for millions of Italians: this time the bait is to subscribe to the streaming platform, but the target is always the user's credit card

there Best scam He is not the richest at all: This is the most reliable. A real criminal knows that stealing one euro from a million people is better than stealing 100,000 euros from one person. Therefore, it is not surprising that operations are now underway Phishing campaigns (i.e. large-scale organized online fraud) to attempt”Take the bait“ As many users as possible with a reliable and widespread taste: theSubscribe to streaming platforms.

Between Netflix, Disney+, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+ and all the other platforms out there, it's increasingly likely that “Average Italian” Owns At least one subscription. That is why he becomes a potential victim of the scam Renewal of expired airtime.

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Broadcast expired? It's a scam

At the moment Expired airtime scam “He still travels on rails”old fashion“And spreads with the dear old woman Phishing emailsAlways dear to scammers.

the message The ones a user finds in their inbox display fake graphics for the platform in question and writing Simple but effective: “Your account has expired!“.

We had the opportunity to view some of these messages, which were created to target users Disney+But there are other versions for Other platforms.

The message continues like this:

Dear customer, your Disney+ account has expired. However, as part of our loyalty programme, you can extend it for 90 days for free.

Follow the big buttonFree extensionAnd another message:

*After registering, you will need to enter your credit card details to verify your account. We will not charge any amount.

Therefore, it is a Typical scam messageBut that was well done. Firstly, it is written in perfect Italian, Without serious errors Translation or grammatical errors.

Then start with A An alarming message (Your account has expired!), but immediately after that It reassures and promises an advantage (90 days free). Finally, prepare the user for the fact that they will have to do this Enter your credit card number And makes him believe that it is a safe process (We will not charge any amount).

clearly Everything is fake: If the user presses the button, they will be redirected to a web page which, again, Imitates graphics and logos From Disney and Disney+ but are hosted on It has nothing to do with Disney.

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When the user presses the button again to renew the subscription, which has not actually expired, they are sent to another site, where the real action happens. Stealing credit card information.

Broadcasting: How to tell if it's a scam

The example we gave you is a message for Disney+ customers, but other versions are circulating Other platformsSo No one is safe Of these fraud attempts.

However, the same applies to everyone Same rule Which, if known by the user, enables him to immediately recognize the fraud. The rule is simple: all platforms have it Automatic renewal every monthSo it is impossible for the subscription to expire and must be renewed manually.

However, each streaming platform has its own platform Smartphone Applications Which, except in very rare cases, cannot be hacked and, therefore, must remain as is Subscriber reference point: If there is a problem with the subscription, it is actually reported via the app and not via email.

also Support service phone numberwhich is always useful when you have doubts about payments and invoices, and should be searched for within the app and not in a received email.

Finally, if you actually end up clicking on this link (Never click on links Received via email, SMS or WhatsApp), always check theSite address What we were taken to: It is not the official platform that was imitated by email.

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