coffee capsules | Disposal Mess: A trick to avoiding mistakes

coffee capsules |  Disposal Mess: A trick to avoiding mistakes
coffee capsules |

Negligence generates 120,000 tons of waste and risks very high fines. How do you properly dispose of coffee pods?

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of Italians. It’s essential for surviving the morning, the social glue for group activities, or a reliable companion for the most solitary of people. Coffee and the ways we drink it reflect our style lifestyle.

Indeed, if the cafe was initially equipped on its own ritual Which passed in order to setup the values ​​of the machine Mocha And the silence waiting for the scented liquid to come out, now things have changed. Our busy lifestyle claims Faster Every gesture that isn’t entirely necessary, including making coffee.

Coffee capsules provide the opportunity for workers, students and managers to enjoy the drink as quickly as they want. Simply insert the capsule into the machine and within a few seconds we will be heard. the Benefits They are countless, above all because they save us money Atmosphere. However, we might stick with an extension Error coarse on behavior of the capsules.

Coffee pods: Learn how to get rid of them

After sipping our coffee, we usually toss the pod into the undifferentiated waste. Seemingly innocent gesture, according to data Pla4coffee Life – The EU project is costing the planet approx 120,000 tons of waste Poorly disposed of.

Biodegradable wet disposable pods
Biodegradable pods for wet use |

the proper disposal expect instead of Unplug the components from the capsule, differentiate between them. The plastic that serves as the coating for the coffee has to be rinsed off and thrown into a special container, while the coffee grounds are in organic waste, or for those with a green thumb, in their vegetable garden for a Fertilizer Fertilizer. Then there are the capsules Aluminiumwhich can be direct Delivered intact to the eco-island to their municipality, until it is recycled. In fact, aluminum is 100% recyclable.

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Always check which type of capsule is being disposed of correctly. In case Biodegradable podsinstead, it will be sufficient to throw it directly into a filemoist. The latter has become a favorite on the market Quick coffee: They are inserted into the machine and after use they must be disposed of in the organic waste without special care, unlike the plastic capsules that are used 500 years before getting rid of it completely.

These are small steps to improve our life and the life of the planet Earth, in order to give it back to future generations in the best possible way. More attention as a pledge to the environment. We do not miss the time!

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