Ilaria Capua and Elena Cattaneo inaugurated the XIV Cagliari Science Festival

The exhibition “Science Between Hopes and Discoveries” kicks off in Sardinia’s capital on Thursday 4 November

The opening night includes two distinguished scholars, Ilaria Capua (linked to live broadcast) World-renowned virologist, director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida and listed in 2008 among “Revolutionary Minds” by the American magazine Seed for her leadership role in science policy, Senator Lifetime Elena Cattaneo The pharmacy that has dedicated its studies and research to Huntington’s disease and stem cells, which will instead be located in Cagliari.

In Aula Magna from Rectorate Starting at 4 pm There will be two conferences: The scientific method: a compass to face the unknown With Elena Cattaneo, who talks with a neuroscientist Michaela Morelliwho will follow Circular health, a necessary revolution With Ilaria CapuaInterview with a journalist Paolo Maglioco.

During the first day, interactive workshops, book presentations, and many other activities focusing on chemistry, mathematics and biodiversity, some present and some live, will be held in EXMA’s rediscovered spaces.

Among the activities of the first day we refer to, a literary-scientific meeting was held in the terrace room (9:00-10:00 in flow) which is inspired byPharaoh’s Engineering“,” Anna Serrasoli’s book to be presented by physicist Fabrizio Lucci in Italian and English,

Then for primary school children at 9 a.m cartoon reading workshop Edited by Giovanni Fargio, Chiara La Spesa, and Kindergarten Umberto & Margherita, it is inspired by the comedy Guccia which tells “La Macherina” by Laura Pivolco (texts), Mario Cogone (graphics) and Matteo Pozzo (digitizing).

While at 10:30 – 11:30 shops of hope Curated by Nicoletta Maceio, Ana Posedo, Maria Teresa Simbula, Carmen Solis – Santa Caterina Comprehensive Institute, who will be holding a workshop inspired by the book The Elephant on the Moon, Josiah Herba, Maria Juliana Salita and Mikolaj Ba.

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In the gazebo set up at Piazzale dell’Exma (9:00 – 12:30) everyone can participate in Math manipulation and problem solving Curated by Maria Grazia Colo, Paula Setzia and Silvia Ricci. An activity based on the book Playing Math and Solving Problems by S. Campigotto and P. Dall’Aglio, with students and teachers invited to approach problem solving from the funniest side: team competitions.

Festival and . are combined photo contest On Instagram: #scienzatrasperanzaescoperte How she explains the festival in its most important moments. More information is available at:

Activities will take place according to the following opening hours: every day 9.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00 unless otherwise indicated in the brochure and on the website

For laboratories, animation and museum visits, access to rooms is managed with a rotation system that allows sterilization of instruments and ventilation of rooms in accordance with health regulations stipulated against the ongoing epidemic.

The Cagliari Science Festival Organized by the Associazione Scienza Società Scienza, it will then run from 5 to 9 November and will travel from 12 to 27 November to Nuoro, Oristano, Cinescola, Isele-Sarcedano and Iglesias. For the third year in a row, awards ceremony Science Woman Award.

The Science Festival, has always wanted to make a contribution in terms of scientific dissemination and fairness in information and also that this year in Cagliari there will be a world-renowned excellence in science that will highlight the importance that science plays in making the life of the entire planet less difficult. In addition to explaining the causes and spread of the epidemic, the guests will provide information on the many goals that have been achieved in various scientific fields in recent years.

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