January 31, 2023

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“Science and Philosophy A Common Path,” Loana Liccioli at Aab

Brescia. The Cultura Libera Association is promoting a series of meetings entitled Do we know how to orient ourselves to science? As part of a project to promote scientific citizenship, “or awareness of the contents and methods of various scientific disciplines so as not to blind fake news and also to be able to understand policy choices that are relevant to science and technicians.”
Scientific topics are increasingly entering our daily lives. Could you It includes medicine, techniques used in production processes, nutrition, and more. Policy must also make decisions on scientific issues: from energy policies to those related to mobility, from water resource planning to those related to the use of environmental resources as a whole.
“If we do not have clarity about what science is, we risk not understanding Not even the decisions that affect our daily lives. We also run the risk of believing falsehoods without any scientific basis (fake news abounding in social media), and thus, adopting behaviors that can unknowingly lead us in dangerous directions. In order to be acquainted with people and citizens, it is necessary to have a minimum level of knowledge regarding above all the way in which we can relate to the physical world in which we live. Science deals with the physical world, with matter that gives form to life.
The Cultura Libera Association wants to start with this cycle of three meetings To question what science is with the help of two people competent in the medical, biological and philosophical fields: Dr. Loana Liccioli and Professor Paolo Vitale. At the first meeting, Tuesday May 3 at 6pmLoana Liccioli, Doctor and Member of the Center for Philosophical Research at the University of Verona, with a meeting on the topic “Science and Philosophy are a Common Path”He will accompany us along the path that humanity has made, over the centuries, give meaning to the many questions that arise in the face of the complexity of the world in which we are immersed. Not a lesson in the history of philosophy, but an investigation of the difficulty of finding ways and words to name and enter this complexity. Meetings will be held, with free access, at lIn the Aab room at Vicolo Delle Stelle 5 at Brescia and will also be available live on Facebook and Youtube as indicated on the poster.

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