Francesco Chiofalo is in deep trouble with Drusilla Gucci

Francesco Chiofalo is in deep trouble with Drusilla Gucci

A few hours ago Francesco Chiofalo confirmed the crisis with Drusilla Gucci.

The former protagonist of Temptation Island admitted how much he had been rumored for a few weeks: things with the former castaway from L’Isola dei Famosi had not gone well for several months and it was Gucci who asked for a pause for reflection. The two are no longer in touch and have also removed the follower on Instagram.

Through some stories on Instagram, Francesco Chiofalo wanted to clarify his emotional situation:

There are more and more messages I’m getting regarding Drusilla, how come you’re not seen in the stories anymore, you don’t see us together, we practically don’t see each other anymore. For months now we have seen little or nothing. It seems right to me, not that I have to make excuses to anyone, but anyway, a lot of people have become attached to our couple, so it seems right to explain how things are going between her and me.

And to avoid stupid misunderstandings, and repeated questions, I’m going to explain this once and for all and clarify this thing for a moment.
Unfortunately, it’s been several months since things between Drusilla and I haven’t gone so well in terms of various things. Let’s say you and I are not only aesthetically different, but we are actually very different, as people. This can be an advantage on certain occasions, and on others it can lead to strong friction.

We had a fight recently, a fight where she decided to take all the things she had here from me. We didn’t live together but after 2 years of being together, she had many things that she left steady and took too.

We decided to take a moment as well to understand how much we care about each other. It’s a time when we don’t hear each other. It helps both of us to think better about many things. Maybe it’s time for us to leave or get back together.

We no longer write to each other, we also removed the following on Instagram. I am very sorry for this situation. For my part, I’m still in love. The idea of ​​a pause for thought was more my idea than her. Obviously things are not working out well in our relationship anymore.

You don’t trust me anymore. I completely lost her trust even though I repeated several times that I never betrayed her and always showed her respect. If you don’t see us together anymore, here’s why. We’re trying to figure out if we should break up or get back together.

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