Francesca Michielin and the “branded” resistance Prada :: Today’s blog

Francesca Michielin and the “branded” resistance Prada :: Today’s blog

“The resistance begins today, good morning everyone.” This is how the singer writes on Twitter Francesca Michelin In the wake of victory By Giorgia Meloni in the elections. Francesca Michelin, who owns a feminist podcast on Spotify called “Maschiacci”, has for months had an eco program called “Effetto Terra” and which, in this media age, always occupies a good place among “those who think well” about the most topical issues. Who he is, in short, is no longer just a singer but a real influencer with punctuality. And that, the day after the resistance was launched via social media, was totally accurate at Prada’s event on the sidelines of Milan Fashion Week (a very shiny event but also “in the name of sustainability” of course). In short, a branded resistance.

Now, it is not our priority to make a trial of the intentions of Francesca, who certainly has real goodwill in the ideals that surround her. Nor is it a priority to raise the ranks of its opponents, who rightly believe that it is a frivolous thread to disturb the resistance and its reprisals, if you send your battle cry “from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, while sitting comfortably on the Carpanelli sofa in the attic of Citylife”. We will not stress the harsh comparison with real resistance Which we all see in our own eyes these days, this is the street women’s march in Iran (also because otherwise we would immediately be accused of “brownism”). And we will not highlight – finally – that the “resistance” against 44% of Italians in a democratic country is called opposition, not resistance. But what we want to emphasize instead is how certain gaffes of influencers, to whom we have so dramatically entrusted the intellectual debate of the election campaign, risk, in some cases, “influencing” badly those sacred social battles they prefer well done. Just think back to some Rough Statements About Elodie Feminism (who believes she is fighting gender stereotypes by accusing Meloni of being “not very woman” because she is violent, or by empowering her herself) or by destroying the words he speaks Like Julia Torelli (Which he tells his 214,000 followers that “the old do not have to vote because they are the people,” or because, unlike the young who grew up on bread and social activity, they vote for the oath.)

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Returning to Michielin specifically, we need first of all a hypothesis: when did you become an influencer? We respond immediately. Michelin has become influential since gradually guiding her career toward increasing awareness of civil rights and environmental issues, mixing it all together with her career as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. As a professional influencer who influences opinions, Micheline is no longer just an artist. His career choice is very specific. A “mixed” career choice which, however, fell largely into error in connection when, a few hours later, she shared on her Instagram profile first an appeal as a party and then, immediately after, as a guest star. The most luxurious brands in the world.

A symbolic fault, not so much for her character as it is for the entire system that gravitates around her. because he talks How bright is today’s activity. And to what extent this contributes to the revitalization of those clichés that see the opposition of the “liberal elite” on the one hand, who will care about the rights of others, and on the other hand “people who vote for the right” and who instead would be interested in a completely different selfishness. All this without the “so-called people” being able to fully believe in the good intentions of the elite. And all this, without a supposed elite interested in understanding the urgings that led 44% of Italians to not regard the battle for the overturned “e” at the polls as a priority: that is, allowing themselves often to splurge on the exact opposite of activism.

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Perfect for selling (on Instagram). Addressing the intentions of influencers, already active, already entrepreneurs

Activity is the opposite of arrogance, but many influencers forget it

Certainly Michelin is not specifically part of the arrogant, but many colleagues. At around midnight on Monday, September 26, for example, at a time when Meloni is now understood to be an outright triumph, a group of “influential” feminists—a new term for those who made the activism a true paid “social”), were behind it. Occupation – came together to live a ridiculously drunk in protest. “Tomorrow is alienated,” and off the red with a smile of ostentatious separation. On the one hand, there were, the social feminists, the false teachers of life in do Nascimento, with ferocious resentment of mascara-colored eyes, indignant that not all 60 million Italians accepted Meloni’s admonition of the most famous “social bubble”. On the other side was the other half of the country, with resentment that had translated into an “X” that had been attached to the Brothers of Italy party, and that in the months of the campaign, no celebrity was ever willing to do so. Party endorsement. Two worlds in opposites, one against the other hateful.

However, thanks to the Internet, in recent years, the fight for civil rights has finally taken steps forward into the collective conscience, and thus backsliding in relation to the image of the “radical chic thing from Parioli” (Emma Bonino). Then everything became a show, a rule. That is, the lack of dialogue in that virtual arena that you would not envy in reality.

In short, as Silvagia Lucarelli emphasizes, it will be necessary to assess in the future, or perhaps today, the extent to which the contribution of figures such as Giulia Torelli, an influencer who influences teaching on social media, can harm the debate. backing down (or How We Arrange Cabinets) for which we have given the presumption of rightness when he says that “old men should not vote because they are stoned” (because they vote swearing, in fact). Social media director Serena Mazzini points out that the assumption belongs to a new “class” that doesn’t even match the truth, if you think, surprisingly, 30% of those under 25 voted for her on the right (yes, specifically those those under the age of 25 who wanted the common narrative to belong to the “revolutionary” generation z).

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If rights become a product

In short, there will be some thought in the future, or perhaps today, about how the concept of personality also conflicts with the concept of activity. On the other hand, precisely, in the concept of personality, influencers are forced to paint by definition, because they sell themselves by profession.

We will have to think about how some missteps, some excessive mistakes and some rules (and certain marketing plans) can ruin the communication of certain messages. Because when social battles become useful in defining one’s personal brands, or rather one’s profit, or business, it is inevitable that confusion arises among the public. It is inevitable, for example, that one wonders why Chiara Ferragni He campaigned against Meloni, only to feel an urgency He publicly distances himself from Giuseppe ConteUntil then (however) be very careful not to endorse a particular party. It is natural for one to wonder about the sincerity of those who make a product of rights. Although we specify, “as long as we talk about it” is always better than taboo.

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