CoopVoce VoLTE: the operator says Coop’s Lo sai service is now active – | News | telephony

CoopVoce VoLTE: the operator says Coop’s Lo sai service is now active – |  News |  telephony

In recent days for customers The voice of sympathy with active timesthe technology that allows calls on the 4G network, on-demand service is back You know about Coopto see who called when the phone is busy, locked or unreachable.

previouslySince the launch of VoLTE for all CoopVoce customers, which occurred on March 7, 2023, the operator has specified the following on its official website: “We inform you that by activating the VoLTE service, the ‘Do you know about Coop’ service will not be available”.

In this way, CoopVoce warned that By activating VoLTE, the customer cannot use the service “Do you know about Coop?”without specifying whether this deficiency is temporary or not.

In the following weeks, as MondoMobileWeb put it, The page dedicated to VoLTE on the operator’s website has been updated with this new sentence:

The “Do you know about Coop” service is temporarily deactivated when VoLTE is activated. From June 2023, service will be automatically restored on all lines whose service was previously active.

So, as reported, when VoLTE was activated from CoopVoce, Coop’s Do you know service was only temporarily deactivated, while From June 2023, service availability will be automatically restored on all previously active SIM cards..

As expected, in these last days of June 2023, this sentence has been replaced by the following: With the launch of VoLTE, Coop LoSai will automatically remain active..

It should therefore be noted that now, CoopVoce to see who called when the phone is busy, locked, or unreachable is now available again for CoopVoce customers who activate VoLTE. It was also confirmed by Customer Service 188.

Information about CoopVoce and VoLTE technology

With Full MVNO CoopVoce virtual operator, customers can benefit from TIM 4G network quickly Download speed up to 100Mbps and upload up to 50MbpsAs stated in the customs transparency documents. In October 2022, TIM Progressives concluded Phase-out of third generation technologywhich it is not It is no longer usable Not even with the Coop Italia operator.

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For now, in order to use VoLTE with CoopVoce, It is necessary to order activation on your number through a dedicated page on the operator’s website (here is the direct link).

In particular, customers can only request authorization With a CoopVoce SIM inserted into a compatible smartphone.

In general, customers who activate the service They can make and receive calls on the 4G network, avoiding “switching” to the 2G networkas well as obtaining high-quality sound very accurate and allow Surf the Internet while making phone calls.

instead of, at the momentdue to TIM’s 3G shutdown, To all other CoopVoce customers who use a SIM card in non-compatible smartphones and therefore cannot currently activate VoLTE, surf the Internet during phone calls It is not possible yet.

In fact, even this technology is also enabled on your line, during calls Switched to 2G network.

How does VoLTE activation work?

To activate VoLTE on your CoopVoce SIM card, it is necessary Enter your phone number in the text field on the dedicated page Upon activation, by which the trigger Make sure that your device is among the devices that are compatible with the service.

In this case, you can proceed to activate VoLTE by entering the OTP code and, Once the service is activated, the following confirmation message is sent within 48 hours:

Dear customer, we inform you that VoLTE service is now active on your line. To use the service, please check if the function is enabled on your smartphone: Settings / Cellular / Cellular Data Options / Voice and Data / VoLTE. For more information visit

if instead A CoopVoce SIM card is inserted in an incompatible smartphone (among those not in the operator list)By entering the number on the page and clicking on the button “Confirms” The following message is returned: Your device is not currently compatible with VoLTE. For doubts or questions, you can contact customer service via chat..

In any case, VoLTE from CoopVoce is free And to use the service, you still need to enable the respective setting (usually called VoLTE calls or Voice and data) in smartphone settingsas well as being under 4G coverage.

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Compatible smartphones and other details

As for compatible smartphonesThe official list on the CoopVoce website is currently being updated through June 12, 2023 and, as already reported by MondoMobileWeb, includes samples from appleAnd samsungAnd Honor, Motorola, Huawei and Oppo.

Regarding Samsung smartphones, in addition to those listed on the site, the operator also specifies that they are compatible All new smartphone models were released to the market from January 1, 2023.

Moreover, on the dedicated page on the official CoopVoce website, it is indicated that they are All new Huawei and Oppo models released as of May 2023 are also compatible.

To use VoLTE from CoopVoce with one of the models on the official list, customers still need to Make sure that your smartphone software is updated to the latest version available. In this regard, it was specified that the implementation of new compatible models will depend precisely on the smartphone manufacturers, who will have to distribute the necessary software updates.

In our VoLTE Frequently Asked Questions, In fact, CoopVoce confirms this We cannot guarantee with certainty that every device on the market will be VoLTE compatible by individual smartphone manufacturers.. In any case, the operator claims to work with all major manufacturers To make the programs of as many brands and models as possible compatible”.

Generally, Smartphones recently introduced in the market and soon to be launched will be compatible with the service. Instead, some manufacturers like Samsung and Apple have chosen to make phones produced in previous years compatible.

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Anyway, CoopVoce points it out will keep “constantly updated” List of approved phones on its site, which invites customers to regularly check the page dedicated to it.

On its official website, under the frequently asked questions on the dedicated page, the operator also specifies it Verifies that VoLTE is already active on the line Just try to surf the Internet during the call: if it works, then the service is already active.

In addition to, During calls, the 4G or LTE icon remains active on the devicewhich indicates the fact that the voice call and internet session are established on the 4G network.

It should be noted that CoopVoce VoLTE is currently not available in roaming abroad, Therefore it can only be used on Italian soil. In this sense, the operator indicates that for voice calls outside Italy the customer can use the network available to the partner operator (2G or 3G).

Thanks to Salvatore and Sandro for the reports.

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