Fourth of July attack planned for a week in Chicago – North America

Fourth of July attack planned for a week in Chicago – North America

salt Seven The death toll from the shooting at the July 4 parade in Highland Park. NBC Chicago reported that one person died in hospital from injuries sustained.

The attack was on the outskirts of Chicago Planned for “weeks”“At the moment, there is no motive for the massacre,” the police said in a press conference.

After an eight-hour manhunt, police arrested the 22-year-old suspected of opening fire on the July 4th motorcade on the outskirts of Chicago, killing six and wounding 31. Robert Cremo, whose perpetrator has not yet been officially identified by authorities, has been arrested While driving in the Lake Forest area, north of Illinois, he was immediately taken to the factory for questioning.

The killer mingled with the crowd, dressed in women’s clothing.

At the moment, we only know what appears on social media: a rapper with a pseudonym woke up, several tattoos on his face and neck, a resident of the city who most likely committed his massacre.

The killer had two guns. One was the one who shot the show killing 6 people, and the other was found in the car in which he got away. The police also said that more than 70 bullets were fired. For the massacre, the killer used a high-capacity rifle similar to the Ar-15, the most widely used weapon in mass shootings in the United States. All of the weapons in his possession were purchased from the area.

In his Facebook profile picture, which has now been blocked but relaunched by several Twitter users, the young man is shown wearing a helmet and a small camera on his head with his face covered. Also on his page appears a photo of a demonstration of the National Front, a white racist organization. The show in Highland Park had just begun, about ten minutes later, when the killer opened fire on thousands of people who were enjoying a day of joy and relaxation with the family. He fired from a rooftop and used a rifle that officers later found. One witness said, “At first I thought it was fireworks, and I didn’t realize it was gunshots.” “Then I started seeing bloody people screaming and running away. It was awful,” said the woman, still in shock. Another witness who was driving to the parade when the shooting began said: “It was a chaotic scene. I tried to contact my family and found that they had taken refuge inside a building near the road.” Watch people flee on one side. for the other. A third witness said: “It was scary, I’ve never seen anything like this in my whole life. People are terrified and covered in blood.” Pictures that spread on websites and social media showed upturned chairs, abandoned strollers, a thermos and cooler bags lying on the sidewalk next to the blood of wounded or dead people. Scenes of panic and terror for families who were just celebrating a moment with their loved ones. Joe Biden and his wife Jill said they were “shocked” by another episode of “idiot violence”. During the White House’s Independence Day celebrations, the US President requested a minute of silence for the victims and assured that he would continue the fight against arms.

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Philadelphia shooting, it’s a stalking. It’s a manhunt in Philadelphia after someone opened fire on the people participating in the July 4th parade, just hours after the massacre at the American Independence Party in suburban Chicago. At the moment, two policemen were injured. There are videos circulating on Twitter in which shots are heard and the crowd disperses, while the fireworks display continues in the background.

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