The United States allocates another 1.1 billion, thinking about a “protracted” war in Ukraine –

The United States allocates another 1.1 billion, thinking about a “protracted” war in Ukraine –

The ultimate goal is the transition of the Kyiv army from a machine using Soviet/Russian equipment to one built with Western hardware. Not much material has been produced yet, and it will take months or years

New US aid package for Ukraine broadcast Message beyond numbers: The White House is thinking more and more The long-term And the It organizes itself accordingly.

Washington allowed $1.1 billion worth of materials. money for Securing another 18 HIMARS rocket launchersa large number of vehicles for logistics and towing cannons, armored off-road vehicles, ammunition and anti-drone equipment. But the important point is to clarify the official sourcesA lot of this stuff has to be produced, it will be months or years before it reaches Kyiv. The Pentagon wants to continue to support the friend but He can’t fish from his deposits indefinitely (as Zelensky asks), There is a threshold that must be respected with regard to national security: you do not have to Exhausting your supplies. A letter extending to the entire Atlantic Alliance, Call to see what he can offer. The urgency to stop the invader was gradually accompanied by fear From not having enough to defend themselves.

Confirmation of these fears – expressed many times – is reinforced with the latest concern Donors meeting in Brussels. A summit in which the broad lines contained in the Pentagon statement were discussed: Determine Obstacles or contract in supply main components and accessories; Plans to further develop long-range artillery, air defense and air-to-surface missile systems. The plan expands the depth of commitment and aims to standardize equipmentAnd the Also, interchangeability. Today the Ukrainian army Dozens of different models (guns, armored vehicles, etc.), and it’s complicated to keep everything efficient when you need spare parts from abroad.

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Americans want to set up repair and maintenance workshops in more advanced locations To reduce time and avoid sending vehicles away, back or even out of country where they are put back on track. In recent months, the resistance has shown adaptability. For example, it used Western missiles on Russian-designed fighters and perfectly integrated its artillery units. Everyone is forever under pressure, forced to defend and attack. Now NATO’s intention is to get out of the state of emergency by giving more solidity For a Ukrainian network, however, cannot do without external solidarity. The ultimate goal is Transfer of the Kyiv army from a machine using Soviet / Russian equipment For one built with the West. That’s why we’re talking about years.

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