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After a major event on the night between December 4-5, players around the world woke up to a nasty surprise: offline servers and access problems on the day the new chapter of the saga arrived.

The event took place between 4 and 5 December The ending that closed chapter 2 of It is an electronic gameAnd The popular video game for many players around the world. Already in the evening and at night There have been reports of problems for those who wanted access to video game, continues and increases in the early and late morning of Sunday 5 December.

Error 404 is displayed on the screens of many players, and for others, it is impossible to connect to play or continue their session even after performing the update. But when will Fortnite come back online, are many people wondering? There is no answer at the moment, also because of the production house It did not give any news about the matter on its official channels Indeed, the servers are indicated as being 100% up and running.. It could be played again this afternoon, given that the long-awaited Chapter 3 arrives on December 5. On the Fortnite Facebook account, shortly after 9 a.m. on Sunday, December 5, noon Image with an island map and the words #fortniteflipped. Servers can be updated to allow players to play smoothly with Chapter 3 (at the same time increasing the wait for news to be revealed).

On social media, in fact, posts that talk about, as well as these problems, are crazy Advances in the first season of Chapter 3 of the saga, which details of the preview were revealed due to a leak. on Twitter l’hashtag #exclusive_chapter 3 Fashionable and you can already see character images (there will be The Rock and Spideman, among the new faces), skins and stickers that all players will be able to use soon. Another hashtag became popular too # Oh, Lord, with hundreds of tweets featuring images of extensions you’ll find in the video game.

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The lucky few who have been blessed with this matter, As Polygon . writes, even when entering the game they only show one screen: Your character is floating in the middle of the ocean, while a warning indicates that the server is unable to load the next scene. The same image that concluded the live broadcast of the end of the second chapter of the saga and is currently still on display.

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