Juventus returns and knocks out in Cagliari: Super Mancini is not enough

Juventus returns and knocks out in Cagliari: Super Mancini is not enough

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90′ + 7′ ends here
Juventus falls to Cagliari: the Bianconeri take the lead twice, but in the final they spoil everything, the match ends 5-3

90′ + 6′ Roseblues is close to 5-3
Juventus are all pushed forward looking for an even and deadly Cagliari counter-attack with Konate beating Finarcik with a left foot.

90 ‘+1’ – Cagliari forward!
Stunning at the Asseminello Sports Center: Juventus’ defense leaves newcomer Paulina lonely and alone in the area, alone in front of the goalkeeper, he really can’t go wrong with Cavuti’s usual pass and scores 4-3 with his plate all in injury time

90 ‘- She reported 6 minutes of recovery

89′ – A goal disallowed by Cagliari!
Rossoblou managed to take the lead but Konate was erratic

88 ‘- 3-3 from Cagliari!
It wasn’t even time to cheer on the Bianconeri before the Rossoblu equalized: free-kick, strikes, strikes in the area and in the end Ferroli scores the equaliser.

87 ‘- Double substitution for Cagliari: Tadeo and Vinchigueira exit, Masala and Paulina

85 ‘- Juventus again with Mancini!
The action that arises from Mancini, the ball from left to right with the new entry Valdese trying to shoot, Ciocci refuses but the striker is very willing to score from pressing. In the best moment for Cagliari, the Bianconeri are ahead

80 ‘- New replacement for the hosts: Idrissi out, Bentos in

80′ – chance for Cagliari
Corner developments with Rossoblu having a great chance, tower header but Griger can’t find impact with the ball

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78′- The first change for Juventus: Al-Hasa exited, and Valdesi entered

75 ‘- The final Bianconeri effect: Nonge tries from the outside but his shot from the outside ends wide

73′ – Another counterattack missed by Juventus!
Nonge carries the ball forward, wide for Anghelé but the ball in the middle for Mancini is unreachable

72′- Yellow card for Al-Ahsa for a hard tackle on Carboni

70 ‘- A good opportunity for Juventus, a counterattack carried out by Al-Hasa, but Mancini is unable to beat the last opponent.

63′ – The first change of the match is for Cagliari: Konate inside, Solev out

63′ – Mancini gets close to the goal!
A perfect cross from the right lane to complete another excellent dribble, the Juventus forward hits the head but Ciocci responds

Beautiful black and white maneuver, cross from the right, Mancini tries to kick a bicycle but does not find the ball, the ball reaches Morosi who finds an impossible angle from a very narrow angle but the ball hits the post

53 ‘- Double yellow card in Cagliari: Coach Bessacan was booked first and then Vinciguerra’s equaliser

51 ‘- Cagliari drawing!
Greger crosses from the right leaving Vinciguerra alone in the penalty area scores the equalizer with a header: first goal of the season for the Rossoblu striker

47′ – Cagliari is very dangerous!
From a free kick for Vinciguerra, a back pass for Zalo who misses the goal from an excellent position

46′ – recovery begins
The second half began Cagliari – Juventus Primavera, and the Bianconeri are leading 1-2.

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45′ + 1′ – Half time ends!
The first half of the match saw the Bianconeri take a 2-1 lead thanks to goals from Mancini and Anguili, with Cavuti scoring for the Rossoblu.

45′- You reported 1 minute of recovery

38′ – Juventus defense chaos!
The belfry is raised by Moruzzi, misunderstanding between the defenders and Griger dribbles at the ball which, however, hits the head hard

35′- Juventus Jeopardy! A long shot from Kadio without much pretension, but Finarcik misses and almost throws it into the goal, but in the end, the Juventus goalkeeper creates the ball on his own

29′ – Juventus reaction
After a good moment from Cagliari, the Bianconeri again came out on top, Marisa tried from the outside with a shot that deflected a little, and it finished just wide.

Cagliari again very dangerous: lights the ball from the usual Cavotti, Greg tries a powerful shot but the Juventus goalkeeper turns away from a corner kick.

22′ – Cagliari again!
Zallu enters the Juventus area and shoots high from a narrow but close position: Rossoblu is dangerous and close to equalizing

21 ‘- Cavouti reduced the distances!
A foul by Nonge who loses the ball on the edge of the area, Cagliari’s number 10 steals the ball and finds a surgical result in the bottom left corner: it’s 1-2

18′- Cagliari tries again: Cavuti’s free kick, shot on goal but it’s slow and predictable, no problem for Finarcik

12′- Black and white double!
1-2 on fire for Montero’s sons: Mbangola tries to pass the ball, Idrissi slips, Anguili holds up instead who takes advantage of a vacant ball and really can’t make a mistake from this position

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9′- Juventus goal!
Hasa serves Mancini, who controls the sole and from outside the area fires a torpedo that slides under the crossbar: it’s 1-0 for the Bianconeri! Mancini’s ninth league goal, author of the season as a true hero

5′- The first chance for the Cagliari match: the conclusion of the Rossoblu, the Finaric-City duo take a patch

1 ‘- The match starts at the Asseminello Sports Center between Cagliari and Juventus Primavera

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