Forbidden, then turn over his mouth: a shocking attack on immigrants

Forbidden, then turn over his mouth: a shocking attack on immigrants

Violent attacks, robberies and various crimes are carried out daily in our country by immigrants, normal or not. Given that they are a minority, what is remarkable is that some crimes are committed by foreign nationals. What happened in Naples and was reported by regional advisor Francesco Emilio Borelli is unbelievable in terms of ferocity and the technique used. Championsaggression Two men of African descent slammed a boy who was passing in broad daylight in Piazza Enrico di Nicola, in the heart of Naples, between Porta Capuana and Central Station in the Vasto region.

Pictures taken by a video surveillance camera, which casually pointed to the exact point where the attack took place, show how far one can go to steal a few euros, perhaps a mobile phone. The young man is walking quietly along the street, a backpack on his shoulders and a black bag in his hands. Suddenly two boys of obvious African descent approach him, without giving him time to respond, he does so upload of weight. He tries to ask for help but one of them puts his hand over his mouth while the other immobilizes him. At that moment they threw him to the ground and stole him. It appears to be a coordinated and deliberate action, and is an already tested technique of carrying out a burglary quickly by intimidating and physically threatening the victim. The video is not recent, and dates back to last May but before it was revealed, the police wanted to investigate. It was published by the chancellor Francesco Emilio Borelli, who was always at the forefront of the fight against the decline of Naples.

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It’s another episode that testifies to a level a crime Reached in the neighborhood but also across the city. Security is now zero, what are you waiting for?The chancellor wrote in his letter deploring the situation. It is not the first serious episode to take place in the city at the hands of immigrants, and Naples is not even the only capital that records episodes of this violence at the hands of foreigners: “Now there is an urgent need for decisive and continuous measures aimed at restoring legitimacy and security and corrupting the neighborhood. In general, Naples requires more customers in the region and strengthens the video surveillance network“.

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