Follow the European League match live

Follow the European League match live


71' – Feyenoord substitution

Substitution in Feyenoord, with Stings out and Ivanosik on.


71' – Dybala takes a free kick

Dybala takes a free kick, the ball goes straight to the back.


69' – Booking for Stings

Stings receives the third yellow card for Feyenoord.


67' – Roma equalizes with Lukaku!

Paredes passes the ball to Spinazzola, who passes the ball to Lukaku in the middle. The Belgian striker hits the ball with his shoulder: that's enough to beat Wellenreuther! Feyenoord – Roma 1-1. The Dutch defense suffered a hole, as it did not concede a single goal in five consecutive matches.


65' – Wellenreuther expects Lukaku

Wellenreuther takes a cross from Karsdorp ahead of Lukaki.


63' – Substitution for Roma: It is El Shaarawy’s turn

El-Shaarawy for Zalewski in Rome.


63' – Double substitution for Feyenoord

Double substitution for Feyenoord, with Oeda and Mente leaving and Jimenez and Linger entering.


57' – Zalewski tries to get out

Mancini serves Zalowski who tries with his head: out.


54' – Lukaku, high header

Spinazzola, with his left foot, lifted over the head of Lukaku, who attempted a backward header: a ball high over the bar.


52' – Dybala takes a free kick: high

Dybala was looking for the left side from the edge of the penalty area, but his shot went high over the crossbar. Nothing was done.


48' – Bove sacrifices himself on Ueda's shot

Buff quickly runs out of the barricade and Ueda hits him on the hip. The referee stops the match to allow the Giallorossi medical staff to control Pov: a painful blow.


47' – Llorente is booked

Llorente was booked for a foul on Ueda. Free kick from the edge of the penalty area for Feyenoord.


46' – Start of the second half for Feyenoord-Roma

The second half of the Feyenoord-Roma match begins.


Jimenez warms up

While Jimenez is warming up, he could be one of the slot substitutions as the team returns to the field. Everything is ready for the second half of the match between Feyenoord and Roma.


Feyenoord-Roma statistics in the first half

It was not enough for Roma to achieve 54.1 percent of possession and 63.6 percent of duels to avoid going into the break at a disadvantage.

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Rome, news in heating

Roma trailed at half-time in the first leg of their Europa League round of 32 match against Feyenoord. During the warm-up period in De Kuip, nothing new was missed (Read everything).


45+2' – Great initial pace, Feyenoord – Roma 1-0

At the end of the first half, Roma went into the break trailing: a goal from Paixao in the first two minutes of stoppage time was awarded by referee Petrescu.


45+1' – Feyenoord take the lead through Paixao

Paixao headed past Svilar, turning away from Llorente and making the most of a cross from the left. Hartmann.


45' – Two minutes stoppage time

Stoppage time: 2 minutes, will play until the 47th minute.


45' – Lukaku on the test!

Dybala corner, Lukaku heads the ball: Wellenreuther blocks.


44' – Dybala is dangerous

Pellegrini passes the ball to Dybala, who shoots the ball: Wellenreuther blocks his goal and a corner kick is taken.


43' – Slott is not happy

Dutch coach Slot shakes his head, apparently dissatisfied with the risks his team faces.


40' – Cross from Paredes!

Wellenreuther smashes a block from Paredes onto the crossbar and saves Feyenoord.


37' – Roma control the pitch well

Roma held the field well and defended with two lines of four when not in possession: Zalewski cautiously pressed the midfield.


35' – Mente is booked

Minte was booked for a blow to Zalewski's face.


29' – Lukaku Lota

Lukaku is highly sought after by Paredes and is fighting like a lion against Feyenoord's centre-backs.


28' – Svilar safe

Minte crosses towards the far post, Paixao passes it, and Svilar closes it confidently.


26' – Zalewski lacks altruism

Paredes passes it to Zalewski, who can kick but lacks selflessness by trying to serve Lukaku: Belén moves wide.


25' – Svilar for Weaver

Paixao to Weaver, who kicks with his right: Svilar keeps good guard.


22' – Sting Impinga Svilar

Stings tries from the edge of the penalty area: an easy ball for Svilar.


21' – Feyenoord is dangerous

Paixao approaches the post, taking advantage of a header from Stings.

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19' – Zalewski has a good look at Nieuwkoop

Zalewski chased down Nieuwkoop and shut him down.


17' – Lukaku is dangerous with a header

Lukaku is a danger to the head. Dybala receives near the flag, passes an opponent and passes to the middle: the ball reaches Lukaku, who directs it with his head towards the goal, but in the middle: it is saved by Fellenreuther.


16' – Pellegrini hits the barrier

Pellegrini tried to develop Lukaku's free kick, but it hit the wall: it would start from a corner kick for Roma.


15' – Belén is booked

Foul on Lukaku: Warning for Belin.


8' – Roma are dangerous with POV

Roma's first dangerous move: Lukaku receives in the area with his back to the goal, and passes it as far as Bove, who shoots towards the goal: there is a deflection. The first corner of the match.


3' – Instant match

The match between Feyenoord and Roma begins immediately. There is no lack of contact with the long ball.


1'-We go

Once we were gone, Feyenoord-Roma started.


The difference is on the field

Teams on the pitch, Europa League anthem: Feyenoord-Roma is about to start.


The difference is in the tunnel

Feyenoord – Roma is about to start, the teams are in the tunnel.


Everything is ready for the match between Feyenoord and Roma

Forty-five thousand spectators in the De Kuip stands for Feyenoord-Roma.


Feyenoord-Roma, Curiosity

Roma have won just one of their last eight matches in European competitions played outside the Stadio Olimpico, including the 2022/23 Europa League final which they lost on a neutral field (4D, 3L) – the only win in this round coming in the first round of the current tournament (2 -1) In front of the Sheriff of Tiraspol.


Feyenoord-Roma, Curiosity

Before winning the 2021/22 Europa League Final, Roma had faced Feyenoord just twice in the club's European history, eliminating the Dutch by an aggregate score of 3-2 (W1, D1) in the Round of 32 of the Europa League, in 2014/15.


Feyenoord-Roma, Curiosity

Feyenoord and Roma face each other in the direct elimination phase of a European competition for the third time in the past three seasons, with the Giallorossi always having the upper hand (winning the 2021/22 European Conference League final and qualifying for the 2021/22 Champions League). Last Europa League quarter-final: 1W, 2N with an aggregate score of 4-2).

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Roma on the field warming up

The Giallorossi are on the field warming up at De Kuip Stadium. The Feyenoord-Roma match will start in half an hour.


Europa League, where teams have already qualified for the round of 16

The teams have already qualified for the round of 16 European League:

  • West Ham (England)
  • Brighton (England)
  • Rangers (SCO)
  • Atalanta (ITA)
  • Liverpool (England)
  • Villarreal (Spain)
  • Slavia Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Bayer Leverkusen (GER)


Rome, De Rossi's selections

Spinazzola and Zalewski in the starting lineup, POV instead of Cristante: Daniele De Rossi's choices (Read everything).


Europa League, round 32

Europa League, Round of 32 matches.

  • Feyenoord (NED) – Roma (ITA)
  • Milan (ITA) – Rennes (FRA)
  • Lens (France) – Friburgo (Germany)
  • Young Boys (Switzerland) – Sporting Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Benfica (Portugal) – Tolosa (France)
  • Braga (Portugal) – Garaba? (Azerbaijan)
  • Galatasaray (TUR) – Sparta Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Shakhtar Donetsk (United Kingdom) – Olympique Marseille (France)


The official lineup for the Feyenoord-Roma match

The official lineup for the Feyenoord-Roma match

Feyenoord (4-3-3): Wellenreuther; Gertruida, Belen, Hanko, Hartmann; Weaver, Zarrougui, Stings; Mente, Oueda, Baixao. Line-up: Lambro, Van Sas, Lopez, Ivanocic, Sawyer, Reid, Milambo, Jimenez, Laing. trainer: slot.

Roma (4-3-3): Svilar. Karsdorp, Mancini, Llorente, Spinazzola; Buff, Paredes, Pellegrini; Dybala, Lukaku, Zalewski. Available: Rui Patricio, Bowyer, Cristante, Smalling, Azmoun, Celique, Sanchez, Aouar, Baldanzi, Joao Costa, Angelino, El Shaarawy. Coach: De Rossi.


Feyenoord – Roma, De Rossi's pre-match conference

An hour and five minutes separate us from the start of the Feyenoord-Roma match presented in this way on the eve of the match presented by Daniele De Rossi (Re-read the lecture).


Rome, a tour of the De Kuip Stadium on social media

Anticipation for Feyenoord-Roma is growing: on social media, the Giallorossi club gave its followers a tour of the De Kuip Stadium (watching video).

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