Citroen Type Holidays, the old-fashioned wagon

Citroen Type Holidays, the old-fashioned wagon

At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf many exotic models were presented including Concept Citroen type holidays. It’s a mini wagon, which is a reinterpretation of the H-Type model, based on the Citroen Space Tourer. This car has a retro look and was built thanks to a collaboration with the Italian coachbuilder Caselani.

This model will soon be on the list price and will open a series of entertainment offerings that will all use the name Type Holidays. A name that would refer to an entire family of compounds. For the moment, the French brand did not want to share all the details of the new mobile home, but confirmed that it will be presented Space for 4 peoplecomfort, quietness, two sliding side doors for access, optimal ventilation, independently opening tailgate glass and much more.

For the interior, Citroën turned to the Slovenian company Bravia Mobil, who equipped the Type Holidays with all the necessary equipment. We find first of all, Pop-up roof which allows you to stand up in the living space and hides a large bed for two. There is also a bench seat in the second row that opens to form a comfortable double bed. Moreover, this seat is completely removable to save load space.

There are also two front seats that swivel towards the living area of ​​the car, a full cooking unit (stove, sink, fridge), a fold-out table and plenty of lockers for storing personal belongings. Finally, for air conditioning, the concept has a Webasto system.

The car is shown at the Dusseldorf Motor Show Stellantis position. Future “Type Holidays” products will be of great importance to the French brand as the motorhome market accounts for around 90,000 new cars each year in Europe, more than half of all recreational vehicle sales.

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