New York Stock Exchange operated by the Republican-Democratic Pact

(New York) The Presidential Stock Exchange closed in green on Thursday, the largest infrastructure investment project desired by President Joe Biden by agreement between Republican and Democratic senators.

The Nasdaq (+ 0.69% to 14,369.71 points) and the S&P 500 (0.58% to 4,266.49 points) reached new highs, with the Dow Jones up 0.95% at 34,196.82 points.

Art Hogan of National Holdings notes that the growth of infrastructure has “lifted the entire market”, but has particularly supported the goods and industry sector.

“This is the first good news about infrastructure since the talks began,” he added.

Speaking from the White House forecast, Joe Biden pledged that elected officials from both parties had reached an agreement to fund a $ 1200 billion project to renovate bridges, roads and airports, and to improve water transport or upliftment. Fast internet.

Negotiations, however, are far from over, and the future of the speech is now tied to another project related to the “family” infrastructure that Democrats want to pass.

At the start of the session, Wall Street observed several US indicators, including durable goods orders, which rose to 2.3% in May after falling in April, although analysts (+ 2.7%) confirmed strong demand in the United States, although lower than expected, according to trade data. .

GDP growth in the US at 1There is According to the latest estimates of the trade sector, the quarter was confirmed at 6.4%.

Weekly unemployment demands, on the other hand, were slightly disappointing, lower than expected (-7,000) and remaining above the 400,000 mark, according to the Department of Labor.

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Among the values ​​of the day, Eli Lily rose 7.31% after being treated for Alzheimer’s disease by the United States Pharmaceuticals (FDA), creating a priority position for “revolutionary treatment”, an important step before a market recognition.

After passing the stress tests organized by the Federal Reserve, J.P. Morgan Chase (+ 0.92%), Morgan Stanley (+ 1.41%), Goldman Sachs (+ 2.13%) and Bank of America (+ 1.57%) were up. Infection in dividend payments and share purchases.

Shares of Alphabet (+ 0.31%), Facebook (+ 0.76%) and Apple (-0.22%) remained stable with the approval of the US House of Representatives, with several bills aimed at breaking the monopoly in these giants of technology overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

In contrast, Amazon lost 1.56%.

Microsoft’s market capitalization has surpassed tr 2 trillion for the first time, an increase of 0.53% since the launch of the latest version of its popular Windows software package.

In the bond market, the 10-year rate for U.S. debt rose 1.49% to 1.48% on Wednesday night.

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