First call 39 billion in 2023

First call 39 billion in 2023

US government support for chip They may arrive from next spring: The US Department of Commerce intends to open the call For funding requests by February 2023 and the first funds must be disbursed early the following month, announced Minister of Commerce Gina Raimondo In an interview with The New York Times.

Last month president Joe Biden sign it executive order On the implementation of legislation on Supporting manufacturing and research in the chip sector worth 52.7 billion dollar. Also provided 25% tax breaks for factories From Semiconductors Which will be built from January 1, 2023, and is estimated at 24 billion dollars. The Ministry of Commerce will provide it in this advertisement 39 billion to build new production plants and update or expand the existing ones.

American chip strategy

The Ministry of Commerce said it intends to use 28 billion dollars “to establish the latest national production of logic and memory chips that require the most complex manufacturing processes available today.” 10 billion to create new production capacity for the current generation of “mature chips, specialized technologies and industry suppliers‘, including the chips he uses Manufacturers of cars, weapons and medical devices.

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Biden’s executive order aims to revive the US semiconductor industry not only at the design level but also at the manufacturing capacity level to reduce dependence on foreign manufacturers and gain competitiveness with China. It is also going in this direction command – order It is given to the chip maker nvidia From Limit its exports to China. Now the Biden administration requires the acquisition of Nvidia Special license to export its products to Chinaincluding me A100 and H100 chips for applications Artificial intelligence.

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Restrictions apply Also for advanced micro devices (long) In fact, They prevented it from exporting the advanced Mi 250 Ai chips to China.

Technology’s war with China over artificial intelligence

according to Reuters This ban will soon affect China, where public research centers and major universities rely heavily on Nvidia chips for their artificial intelligence applications. This is the case in Tsinghua UniversityLast October, he spent $400,000 on two supercomputers technology to me by nvidia, Where four A100 chips were purchased.

Among the prominent Chinese customers of Nvidia AI there will also beInstitute of computing technologywhich is part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, il College of Cyber ​​Security at Jinan University In Guangdong as well National University of Defense and Technology (Nudt), a “military university” under the supervision of the Central Military Commission, the supreme body of the Chinese armed forces. nudt – reports Reuters – Possesses one of the strongest supercomputer the scientist Tianhe-2, has been on the US blacklist since 2015; Since then he has not had access to the Intel processors used in the supercomputer. Now Washington has also blocked the possibility of purchasing Nvidia processors.

SK Hynix invests 11 billion in new plant

On the production capacity front, it has also moved South Korean chip giant SK Hynix: The company clarified that It will invest 15 trillion won (about 11 billion euros) over the next five years to build a new chip factory in South Korea. Temple building called M15X, will begin in October and be completed in early 2025 in Cheongju, south of Seoul.

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Parent company SK Group plans to build a foil packaging plant in the United StatesIt is a sign that emphasizes the commercial and political cooperation between Washington and Seoul. Recent political and military maneuvers off the coast Taiwan They made it clear that the control of countries with chip plants and technologies is now a strategic requirement of the great powers.

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