The US government is asking the TSMC for details on the crisis

The U.S. Department of Commerce has asked for documentation of shortages from several chipmakers, including Taiwanese company TSMC, in an attempt to better explain the current semiconductor crisis.

TSMC, an independent Taiwanese manufacturer, is known to the general public for making many chips in the consumer electronics market. In fact, it is a real one Origin Because its customers include Giants like Apple, AMD and Qualcomm. Recently, the company announced the construction of a new plant in Japan, which may be a direct result. Joint agreement between TSMC and Sony.

The purpose of the business sector was to better understand and expand all the activities that led to the supply chain, leading the industry to its knees so that we could create projects and Take action to reduce its scope Also try to resolve the crisis quickly.

This shortage caused a strong crisis in the video game industry as well Lack of video cards and consoles. Already in recent weeks the demands of the US government have begun to rise Concerns at the forefront of Taiwan, For fear that some confidential information may be leaked. According to the revelations, at present the department would have provided adequate guarantees in view of the cooperation between the parties in this sense.

Among other things, Gina Raymondo, the trade secretary, will, as announced by the source Used as a foreign currency by the Defense Production Act, A law forcing American companies to produce domestically. It is not currently clear how this mandate can be challenged in this sense, the goal is to resolve the crisis and not create more short circuits, but the final warning is currently due by November 8.

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