Feijóo offers to confirm his leadership after 18-F's victory

Feijóo offers to confirm his leadership after 18-F's victory

he s A cloud of utter euphoria still persists after winning the elections in Galicia with the fifth absolute majority in a row, a victory that will allow… Alberto Nunez Viejo Confirm their leadership in the party. Yesterday, the leader of the people invited all his barons and regional leaders to the national headquarters, in Carrer di Genova, and went down to the door of the building to receive his successor in Zonta, Alfonso Rueda.

People organized a hall to welcome the new winner. Rueda and Figo competed in joy, holding hands, and the leader of the People's Party was about to start dancing the Munira. Already inside the meeting, in the part open to the media, Feijóo analyzed the Galician result as a clear warning to the media. Pedro Sanchez And their alliances with pro-independence parties. “If they want the Galician elections to be a referendum on my leadership, then this is the result of the referendum, and if they want Galicia to prove their model, then this is the abject failure of the Sanctuary model,” he declared. The People's Party won 40 seats on Sunday. the PSOE(9 years) and Somar, in coalition with Sanchez in Moncloa, did not receive any representatives. The Socialists and the Vice President's Party Yolanda Diaz Figo indicated that they did not obtain 16% of the votes.

The Popularity President, who established himself as a leader in front of his team after a very complicated final stage, spoke again about the “worst Sanchismo Automated Arts” during the campaign, and looked again at the revelations of more than a dozen people. Media about the change in the position of the national leadership regarding amnesty and conditional amnesty. “The left is counting on its luck to say that in the People's Party we are with them. Their main argument has been that we are able to think what they do. They lie about what we say, they lie about what we do, and even about what we do.” “What we're supposed to think,” he said.

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The popular leader once again insisted to the main cadres of his party: “They are trying to convince the Spaniards that I will accompany him in his drift… I say very clearly that I am disgusted that the only principle of the president is to remain in power.”

For Figo, the result of the BNG in Galicia (the number of parliamentarians went from 19 to 25) shows that there Citizens Who believed Sánchez's idea that “you have to be pro-independence to get something from the government.” He replied: “It is a huge irresponsibility that will be judged by history.”

Return joy

“It's not a second round of anything,” government spokeswoman Pilar Alegría responded to Figo's words at the press conference after the Cabinet was held yesterday. He warned against trying to puncture the people's popular balloon, “The head of government is still Pedro Sanchez and the opposition leader is Figo. This has not changed and will not change.”

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The strengthening of the opposition strategy pursued by the People's Party and the weakness of the socialist project in its first examination at the ballot box after the elections are intended to present a counterargument from the point of view that neither the amnesty nor the agreements with the independents had an effect.

Moncloa's sources deny that the results can be read at the national level because “there is no transfer of votes from the Socialist Workers' Party to the People's Party.” They say the conclusion they draw from the first post-election data, but especially from pre-election data. According to the latter, the bulk of the transfer of socialist voters was going to the BNG.

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