Turull finds it “unworthy” for the ERC to accuse Junts of being xenophobic towards immigrants

Turull finds it “unworthy” for the ERC to accuse Junts of being xenophobic towards immigrants

Far from correcting the tension or trying to relieve it, together Yesterday he chose to get rid of his agreement with PSOE That the Spanish executive authority cede its powers to Catalonia in immigration matters and also bring charges forcefully ERC And the government. Although there are no specific details on this transfer – it will have to be negotiated and addressed in a new law – post-convergence supporters defend the need for Catalonia to have a “comprehensive migration policy” because they consider that “the nation is at stake.” They accuse Republicans of not wanting to engage in the debate because of partisan calculations.

This is how the party's Secretary General, Jordi Turol, expressed himself, who blamed his former pro-independence partners for “blackmailing” them, accusing them of “xenophobia.” He strongly emphasized that “it is not worth it”, as he promised that they would not be “complicated”, and indicated that this would be one of the party's new battle horses, “whoever loves him.” His speech was widely welcomed by all those present at the party's National Council held in Morel (Tarragones), where the green light was also given – by 99.5% of supporters – to hold a conference to update the party's discourse on the issue.

However, Gantz's party secretary-general wanted to separate the debate on immigration from the debate on recidivism, and distanced himself from his statements last Thursday, when he defended that Catalonia should be able to decide whether to expel foreigners who have committed more than one crime. . a crime. His statements earned him multiple criticisms and accusations of carrying out rhetoric similar to that of the extreme right.

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On the other hand, in his speech, Turul advocated confronting the problem of polyrecidivism against all criminals, regardless of whether they have been here for “two weeks or eight generations.” “Not to do so is to jeopardize coexistence and cohesion,” the Junz leader said, claiming his party's “useful, efficient and ambitious independence” and siding with the mayors who demand the formation they demand to confront this debate.

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Likewise, Turull also used the National Council – which approved his report with over 91% support – to demand a new negotiating policy with the SWP. He stressed that “being decisive in Madrid did not make us less supportive of independence, on the contrary,” stressing his defense against criticism of the sectors of sovereignty that are preparing a fourth pro-independence space for the upcoming Catalan elections and of which they accuse. Who buried the process.

The Junts leader, who predicted that the return of former president Carles Puigdemont was already “on the horizon”, which he attributed to his amnesty agreement, also wanted to distance himself from the ERC. “The exchange for nothing has been consigned to the dustbin of history. If anyone had any doubts, we proved it again this week,” Turul emphasized.

Finally, the party's Secretary General took the opportunity to show his support for the current leadership of the party in Parliament, led by Albert Patet and Monica Sales, following the controversy surrounding accusations of parliamentary “harassment” against MPs Aurora Madaula and Cristina Casole. Turol avoided mentioning these issues, but showed the deputies his gratitude for the work they do in the Catalan Chamber. “Thank you for the work you do and the way you do it,” he emphasized.

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Together and ERC in Bilbao

Yesterday, Catalan independence activists descended on Bilbao to join the demonstration organized by the citizens' network SARI to demand the rights of ETA prisoners. From there, the ERC's deputy spokesperson in Congress, Teresa Jorda, and the Junts' vice president and spokesman, Josep Ríos, both called for an “end” to the discriminatory treatment they are subjected to, in relation to the rest of the prisoners. population

Representative Al cup Montserrat Vineets and ANC President Dolores Filho. Anti-capitalists regard the treatment of ETA prisoners as a clear example of what “enemy” criminal law is. Filho expressed his support for Basque citizens in their demand for “human rights and rapprochement with prisoners.”

In this sense, Jorda condemned the “extraordinary measures” applicable to ETA prisoners and explained that their presence at the march was due to the ERC’s commitment to “brotherhood between peoples” and, above all, “to defend causes in the virtue of rights.” On behalf of Gantz, Josep Ríos asked “all Spanish authorities” to “put an end to the exceptional treatment” of ETA prisoners, and expressed his commitment to “reconciliation and coexistence.”

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