Venice Inter, Ranokia: “Inzaghi has shown that he is from Inter. We are a great group. We can…”

Surprise on the eve of Venice Inter: It will not be Inzaghi who will speak, but Ranokia. will report the words of the Nerazzurri cannon

ten years later, Inter Reached the round of 16 of the European Champions League. A result expected by the entire Nerazzurri environment, which could now represent a major boost in the league as well. Having cut all the way to Milan and Napoli in the final round, in fact, the lead up to Inzaghi & Sons continues to reach first place. Tomorrow evening there is a transfer to Venice awaiting the troops. And the Inter night begins with a surprise at the press conference, given that it will not be the coach as usual, but Andrea Ranocchia. A way to emphasize the defender’s last two excellent performances and the Inter veteran against Napoli and Shakhtar. will give you his words in real time.

I was always a team guy. I’ve been a captain and worked with many important coaches. Why do you think Inzaghi has proven himself the coach of Inter?

I don’t like making comparisons, because attitudes change. But the coach has shown that he can manage a group of champions, and I hope he continues to improve to achieve goals.

Are you happy with the choice made in the summer?

I had so much fun in these two games, it is my pleasure. Playing with this set makes you happy. I’m glad we won these two games. But the past is over and we have another match tomorrow.

We still don’t know who will play. But I’m always ready, the important thing is for everyone to lend a hand like they’ve been doing for so long now.

Can you identify the moment of the shift in the environment towards you?

A very specific moment, no, it changed the way I approach training and matches. The journey began several years ago, with age. Previous coaches helped me. Then the companions are essential. We have created a strong group that helps everyone, and I am one of many.

Who helped you in recent years more than your comrades?

The man’s locker room aura was created, it’s a bit exaggerated. Everyone does it himself. When I got to Inter, the Treble was a great champion. Everyone welcomed me very well.

Are you sorry for the lack of continuous use?

This is other people’s problem, not mine. My way of approaching it is: to be ready when asked. If I am not selected, then it is not the time for me.

What allowed you to stay compact despite eliminations?

the group. When you lose players of this caliber, everyone is obviously worried, but the club and the coach worked at their best. It’s a matter of mentality, not names. The road is very long, but we are on the right track.

Was there something that alone was too much on the field?

Which team among those at the top of the table do you consider to be the most risky in the long run (question from

Tough question, there are many differences. Right now we’re a little behind, but we’re there and that’s what matters. Where we will be in the end we will see.

There is a lot of talk about Brozovic’s future. Is there anything you can tell us? How do you see that?

I have no idea. I see him as I saw him 5-6 years ago. Improve with every match. For the rest, it’s a question for him and the company.

Last year, there was a sense of a tournament that could be conquered quite easily. That feeling returned this year, after the start of the season. Do you think so too?

It’s a sense of the environment, but we know from the start that if we work a certain way we can go a long way. The rest is purely external things.

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