Formula 1: Verstappen already a pro in Bahrain, Leclerc retires – F1

Formula 1: Verstappen already a pro in Bahrain, Leclerc retires – F1

Max Verstappen starts where he left off: winning and opening the 2023 season of the Formula 1 World Championship in the best possible way. The Flying Dutchman dominated the Bahrain Grand Prix and chased everyone behind him Red Bull, perfect in all situations. , capable of delivering flawless high-level performance. The pace imposed by the two-time world champion immediately seemed unsustainable to the opponents, who gradually separated. In the end, the other Red Bull led by Mexican Sergio Perez and the formidable Aston Martin led by the immortal Fernando Alonso with great skill finished behind the Dutchman. What about Ferrari cars? Charles Leclerc made a good start, and finished second, but on lap 41 he had to stop the “red” on the side of the track, got out and headed towards the pits, admitting that “in terms of performance, we were a race out of reach. They found something, in qualifying we were Close. They’re in another category.” Access ranking and ratings

If not surrender, then the recognition of a fairly obvious sovereignty. Monaco looked frustrated, losing more certainty. Already in the morning the omens were not good, as a new electrical unit and a new battery were installed in his Ferrari: two interventions that do not entail penalties, but give us an idea of ​​the situation. There will be time to study, and perhaps understand, the technical problem that has held Ferrari back; The fact remains that the lead into Maranello’s championship season was disastrous. A small consolation was the fourth place of the Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr., who fended off the assaults of the highly decorated Briton Lewis Hamilton, keeping the position he had placed at the foot of the podium. Perhaps too much is expected of Ferrari every year, and that’s probably where it goes wrong. The start was positive for Leclerc who settled in second place behind Verstappen: the Dutchman, after a few laps, was already well on his way to victory. Well done Leclerc for overtaking Red Bull Perez and keeping Ferrari fans hopeful. Hamilton first slipped past Alonso, then Stroll touched him: the Spaniard’s car had no consequences, he raised his head and began to seriously press the gas pedal, from the top of his 41 years of age and enviable experience.

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Before the comeback began, the ex-Ferrari driver Russell had also passed, paying the price for the lack of stability caused by previous contact. Verstappen started to fly, between changing tires and rev rate: in about ten laps he made an 8-inch gap in the Ferrari. The world champion car’s superiority in race pace was immediately felt, well out of reach of the Ferraris, who stopped at the same time, opted for the hard tyre, and shortly after, Red Bull switched to the ‘soft’. Details that confirmed Red Bull’s dominance. The second stop was fatal for Leclerc who stopped shortly after and, with his head bowed, in great disappointment left the car parked at the side of the track. A bitter end to a Grand Prix that should have allowed him to send a precise and direct message to his Dutch rival. Rather, again, than the Maranello concerts, we will have to investigate and understand, but above all to find the appropriate reliability in view of the second round of the season, in Saudi Arabia on March 19.

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